St Louis - Restaurant Recommendations

Need to take a colleague to a nice dinner. He is a former Marine but likes good food and wine.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I will be staying at the RC.



Fly him here. And, avoid fried ravioli. Please.

And to echo a post from that thread: Stay away from the abomination they call “pizza” in St. Louis.

I have always enjoyed Cafe Napoli which is a 2 block walk from the Ritz.

From what I hear, Niche is the bees knees.


Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Not many great restaurants but 33 Wine Bar is cool.

My wife who is from St Louis seconds Cafe Napoli.


Actually it’s referred to as " Toasted Ravioli " neener

Near the RC, go to The Crossing. If you are mobile, Niche is indeed, the bees knees. The Crossing is walkable. It is much better than Cafe Napoli…unless it’s a Friday and you are cougar hunting.

The Crossing allows BYOB, like many others around here. The Wine and Cheese Place and The Wine Merchant are both within walking distance of TC and RC.


Do not, under any circumstances, get bamboozled into thinking that sushi is edible in St Louis.

Good point Frank. Still doesn’t mean you should eat it.


Niche it is. Thanks for the recs.


When are you guys here? I have a locker at Domain. They have a nice little tasting room.


Oh i enjoy a nice toasted rav when I head back to visit the inlaws.

Who else in Clayton allows BYOB?

To my knowledge, everyone, but that is without trying everywhere!

Ok. Thanks

If you live or travel to St Louis a new restaurant to try

Don Alfonso 1890 is a Michelin 2 star in the Amalfi Coast and the family has partnered with the Ritz Carlton and opened an outpost. Worth checking out for sure.

Don Alfonso 1890 opened an outpost in Toronto a few years ago as well. It was incredibly disappointing, and I’m not the only one to think so. They shut up shop at the beginning of Covid and popped back up at another Toronto location over the past few months. There are so many other quality Italian places in Toronto (and non-Italian, to be fair), that I don’t see myself returning. Hopefully their St. Louis location is better.