St. Georgener-Rebe Wine /Gruner's Parent

Back in 2007, the DNA indicated that GrunerVeltliner was a cross of Traminer and St.Georgener, a vine discovered in Sankt Georgen am Leithagebirge
in the BurgenLand.
They were propagating this discovered vine into a vnyd to see what kind of wine it produced.
I believe that Weingut Moric produces a Sankt Georgen wine but I’ve not been able to find if it is imported into the USofA or not.

Anybody know anything about a Sankt Georgen wine and ever tried one??


Never had it, but Winemonger has the only availability in the US, according to W-S: Moric St. Georgener Gruner Veltliner 2015 – Winemonger

So, Kamaal…reading the label closely…this is not the wine I’m looking for. This is old-vine GrunerVeltliner from in the
village of St.Georgen. The wine I’m looking for would be a young vnyd planted solely to the St.Georgen vine. Probably in St.Georgen or its outskirts.

I don’t believe Moric makes a bottling from St. Georgener vines, if by them you mean the variety. I could be wrong, but I believe the only person making “St. Georgener” in the sense you mean it (and not in the sense of Grüner Veltliner from St. Georg like Moric’s) is Hans Moser:

St. Georgener Rebe zeigt Potenzial (in German) (and no mention on the Hans Moser website AFAIK)

Takes some effort to find a grape that I’ve never heard of before, but this is definitely one. VIVC lists it as just ‘St. Georgen’ with one holding institution in Klosterneuburg, if that helps at all.

Going off on somewhat of a tangent, but does anyone currently produce a wine from Brauner Veltliner/Veltliner Braun?

The only Brauner Veltliner I know of currently available is Birgit Wiederstein’s “Extravaganza:”
Weygandt imports Wiederstein into the U.S. but unsurprisingly does not bring this bottling in.