SQN - Sweet wine offer

3 box set. 2 Noble Man, 1 Straw Man. $300.

Why don’t I see more TN’s on these wines? I love them.

These are the final Mr. K’s to be released ever, correct?

You are indeed correct.

This is an offer from the winery or a retailer?

Winery. I got mine on Saturday.

got the offer today…since this is the last release of this…i am in for the 3 pack

I made the list in time to get this one sweet offer. I love these wines, AND Alois Kracher’s wines.

Jeff – I’m a long-time waiting list-er for SQN and got this offer too. What makes you think we made the list versus getting a single one-off offer?

Dave – I made the list a year ago, but this is the first sweetie offer that I have received. Given the small amount of this wine that they made, I would be surprised if they offered it beyond the list, but I have no idea. Ever hear of anyone getting a one time offer of the sweet wines?

Isn’t this the second final release of the Mr. K’s?

The prior release was labeled as “penultimate” which is indeed “second to last”, so this is exactly as advertised.

A decade wait-lister, but received this offer. Hmmmm.

Matt, keep your fingers crossed. Really on the wait list for a decade? I only had to wait for 4 years from 2004-2008.

For what it’s worth (maybe nothing), 6 or 7 years ago the first wines I was offered by SQN were the Mr. K wines. I seem to recall that I still waited for some time thereafter to be offered the ‘regular’ production wines. You can always call or email them and ask what this offer means.

Anyone interested in my allocation of these wines at cost can contact me.

PM sent

Maybe it’s not an actual decade, but it certainly has been quite a few years (gotta be over 6). Not sure why I’ve slipped through the cracks. Fortunately I’ve been able to buy from others at cost - further cementing my place on the wait list, of course. Would love to know the actual time. I’ve been receiving postcards as long as I can remember.

I just got the offer as well and can tell you I signed up in March of 2005. Of course, I’m glad to receive the offer even if it is only for this last vintage. I like the wines and find that a little goes a long way. Great for sharing and as liquid dessert.

I know this isn’t Commerce Corner but the subject has been broached above. Since I have been on the wait list only 2 years I’m confident I will not get this offer. If anyone else is not taking their allocation I will take it.

Not to derail this thread (sorry if I did already), but my allocation is spoken for now.