SQN spotting

If anyone in Chicago is interested I came across…at least 1/2 case each…of the SQN 2005 FeSO4 1 and 2 (syrah, grenache respectively). $250 a bottle. e mail me if interested. I was tempted but I’m buying a house now so hard to justify. Promise me you will drink, not flip. I could have done that.

Very thoughtful! It’s often made me wonder why more people haven’t shared/sold their allocations at cost to people who actually plan to drink them. I would love to try SQN just to understand what it’s all about, but I have no desire to pay the inflated prices that some are asking.

I’m somewhat confused about the post. They are asking $250/bottle right? If you look at Winebid you can get it for $235 (about the same price) so make no mistake about it, if you bought that wine at your shop there is no way to flip it. The deal is fair but not great.

I think the shop is making a great profit…interesting if it sells quickly…my how times have changed.

Some people buy wines to actually drink them.

Just…not…Tyler. [basic-smile.gif]

I was wondering how long it would take after Bowden’s post [welldone.gif]

7 minutes. I will ty harder next time. [basic-smile.gif]

His last sentence said that he hopes that if someone buys it they drink it and not flip as he could have done that…My thought was if you bought the SQN for $250 you could not flip it. I hope people buy SQN to drink. I love the wine and glad to see the price fall down a slight bit.

BTW, though I don’t flip, I see no problem with it as long as the wine has been kept in great condition. To each his own.

If you find yourself near western PA…let me know. Meeting someone new is always a good reason to pop SQN.