SQN for sale --- Sold thanks for the interest

1 Just for the Love of IT - $850
1 Ode to E Grenache - $750
1 Pontiff Rose - $400
1 Atlantis 1c - $400
1 four pack of to the rescue (think I have the OWC for this too) $600
1 Omadhaun and Poltron - open to discuss as I cant find one for sale
1 Mag of B20 - $600
1 Mag of Rien Ne Va Plus - open to discuss as I cant find one for sale, last 750 on winebid was $1300

wines are in CT stored in cellar I’ll pay shipping for more than one bottle purchased - all prices open to offers.

Buyer takes risk etc etc

Happy to talk about any of the above bottles.

If anyone is looking for Dark Blossom, Stock and Stein, Stockholm Syndrome, I have more than I want to keep and want to sell a dozen or so. Also a few remaining of 17th Nail, Duel and Five Shooter. Can figure out the rest.