SQN Estate Offering

…arrived this morning. The Syrah is “Touche” and the Grenache is “Rattrapante”.

And the 2014 white (I forget the name and cannot seem to find it any emails)


Love the names

I’ll go ahead and ask the inevitable - any noobs get an offer? Have we crossed the Jan 2007 signup point yet?

Got my first offer today. Joined on December 5, 2006.

I signed up on May 18, 2007… and received the email today.

Also offer #1 here. Not sure of actual sign-up. Definitely signed up between Tim and Rob, but I think closer to Tim’s late 2006 date.

Ill take anything anyone’s willing to offer. :slight_smile:

So…anyone else having an issue opening the site? Getting Safari can’t open page….

made it! feb 2007. wow - that feels like a long time ago

Any thoughts how much this might compare to 2011 patine? Tia

so eager, you have until feb 9 :wink:

the SQN has been spoken for

I was able to order no problem.

I have problems getting past the birthday requirement. Anyone else experiencing this?

Anyone experiencing problems… be patient. Their website appears to be bogging down a bit with the load. It took a few refreshes for me to get to the order page. Keep in mind that your allocation is good until the order due date.

There are 2 of those windows. Enter your info in the upper one.

There are 2 of those windows. Enter your info in the upper one.

Doh! I feel kinda stupid. Thanks for your help, it worked now :astonished:

glad to see new people on board!