SQN Book Offer out

I received the email this morning that the SQN book is now for sale. $190. Clothbound, 250 pages and 13.5" x 9" in size. I placed my order.

Manfred said it will be sold to both active mailing list and waiting list folks, but not through any other channels. They are only planning one print run and expect to sell out.

Email timed 8:06 am EST. Attempted login at 8:13 am. Site unavailable until 8:15 am. Success at 8:19 am. I can’t yet buy the wine but I bought the book! (edited times)

By the way, I have a friend NOT on the list who wants one. If there is anyone who is passing on the book, I would take it at cost plus shipping. Let me know. Thanks.

website has crashed as of 13 min. after the email…

brilliant april fool’s joke on the part of manfred.

Site is back up.

Their website gets overloaded easily. I had trouble getting through for about 10 minutes, then got through and ordered. I am really looking forward to this book!

The signed/numbered book and Petite Sirah magnum offer while tantalizing is really expensive.

Petite sirah?

I think it’s an April Fools joke Neal

Site back down. Good grief.

Looks like I need to earmark the end of March as the time I need to set aside some cash with SQN, D&R and Sandlands hitting all within 1-2 weeks!

Looking forward to receiving this book!

HA! First of many, I am afraid

Maybe from them, not from me:

Since we are E & M from Sine Qua Non, we had to complicate things just a little bit more. Aside from the delightful “standard” books we also produced 350 of a COLLECTOR’S EDITION. These specialties will carry a serial number, will be signed by Manfred and come packed in a gorgeous bamboo wood box along with a magnum of 2012 Petite Sirah named “The Writing On The Wall.” This will be the only way this fabulous wine is going to be available. It is 94% Petite Sirah and 6% Viognier from our three Estate vineyards…The Third Twin, Cumulus and Eleven Confessions. Only 356 of these absolute beauties were filled. I wouldn’t dare miss this rarity

Actually, Manfred does have PS planted though in small quantity and I believe with the 2011 started to make a wine with it as the primary varietal (I believe the 2011 was the first but may not be remembering correctly). I was lucky enough to try the 2011 as a barrel sample and it was terrific. Don’t actually know what happened with the 2011 juice but looks like the 2012 has been bottled in very limited quantity. The 2011 was from Third Twin, their latest new property (at least the latest as of a few years ago) - I hadn’t recalled that they had PS in Eleven Confessions and Cumulus as well.


Before the 2 mentions on this board, someone else told me the exact same thing. I thought he was playing a joke on me but convinced me otherwise. Now seeing it here legitimizes it for me unless Manfred is playing a joke on everyone which I doubt. Only wish I had made the cut.

No super-expensive sirah soup for me

I was not allocated any of this either. I presume only the very top of the mailing list will get a shot at this wine.

Has anyone been able to order more than one copy of the book? I wish-listed two last month when order the wines, but was only allocated one copy.

I did get a wishlist option when I ordered…

I anyone doesn’t want their Mag and book or gets a wish list option for an extra mag and book. Please PM me. I would like to buy one. Happy to pay a premium.