SQN 2018 estate box offering out

Expensive day, just add it on

Includes the 2019 white

Got in all the way…

I really could do without all of these emails coming on the same day.

all in, and srsly hoping for the mag set (grandkid’s birthyear)

The letter says they will probably sell out the wine before the ordering period ends.

9 years and 3 months after joining the waiting list, finally got my first allocation. Will be almost 10 years when I get the wine. Really looking forward to it!



All in as well. Busy day!

This one’s giving me pause. $30/bottle price jump ($280/bottle) and $110 to ship the 6 bottles to the east coast.


I know the feeling. I have a bunch of SQN and tend to really enjoy it when I open it, but rarely do any more. Trying to pull the trigger if only to stay on the list.

All in… not too much… loving that white, but egad!!! the price, tax, and shipping…

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Yeah, it’s getting up there and the secondary market these can be had for not much more. That said, great wine, can never go wrong.

Here’s the letter:

Page 1
Dear Wine Friend ~
You see mail coming your way and odds are you think to
yourself “great, I probably won the lottery.” But you might be
wrong. Maybe you’ll think “nah, you know what…it’s probably a tax
refund.” You could be off with this pattern too. Maybe all the
players of your gray matter unite and suggest “it’s probably
someone from the Government I am paying for, some pleasant person
telling me that the COVID issue has been conquered and that I can
go on about my life now in a carefree and happy way.” But that too
could turn out to be trickery. The tenacious and not too quick to
surrender person that you obviously are, you surely conclude
“ohhh, I know what it is…someone sending me a thank-you note for
all the hard and honest work I’ve done for years.” And even that
could turn out to be a small error. Finally, you might think you
got it – “it’s an overly formal note from my spouse…telling me
not to constantly and downright unreasonably hog all the work of
our team. Relax, you’ve done enough for a lifetime.”
By now some mild frustration could have built up and luckily you
realize it’s from me, your man in Oak View. Me, self-importantly
means Manfred from SQN of course and that in turn makes your
first assumption close to completely accurate.
Well…I say “close to” because a hefty lottery check wouldn’t be
all too bad, but once you’ve read what we have made and reserved
for you and are able to offer you herewith, you know that THIS is
pure joy, pure pleasure, pure relief. As such it’s status stands
miles above good old, over-taxed casharoo. A bunch of wrinkled,
likely smelly greenbacks do not make memories. In fact they may
cause all sorts of trouble. Our wares will definitely create
impressions that are ONLY positive. You’ll look like a
sophisticated genius. An incredibly insightful and generous one to
boot and you’ll create and by the simple act of pulling a cork
you’ll jump start an atmosphere that…that…that no-one knows where
it might end. Euphoria is likely to rear it’s head.
Three tantalizers spill their magic.
Two from our exceedingly great ELEVEN CONFESSIONS VINEYARD.
One from three of our Estate Vineyards with a little bit from our
long-standing Bien Nacido Vineyard, the place where the initial
fruit for our enological adventure came from.
Let me give you some more details, deeper specifics about these
lifter-uppers. The two reds ~ Syrah and Grenache ~ are from the 2018
vintage and the White Wine from the 2019 gift of a year.
Yes, California constantly suffers drought conditions and that is
a pain in the you-know-where, but overall we are viticulturally
blessed, especially comparatively, and both of these years are
superb. I’ll probably rattle about them a bit more ~ so sorry ~
but hang tight

Thank you so much for posting this, John. I was going to order one bottle of the white on top of the box (and ship to the east coast), and they were going to charge me $150 for shipping. That implies an extra $40 shipping for the one bottle of white! Would have been an extra $60 for 3 bottles of white in case you’re all wondering…

Guess I’ll stick to the reds which I strongly prefer anyway.

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If you haven’t been in the list long, you might not be aware but the 2016 and 2017 were each $250…I can’t check my records at the moment to see what it was at before then, but they were probably due for an increase.

Regardless of when the last increase was, you’re right…it’s a big hit, especially with the large formats.

My first offer was the 2013s. Just looked back and they were $250/bottle, so at least 5 years without a price increase (don’t know the cost before the ‘13s). I understand the price increase in light of the cost holding steady for a while, but it’s a decent size bump. And the shipping is insane.

Everyone does their own math based on finances, per bottle cost, how much they have in the cellar, how many bottles they drink, etc., etc. For me, the math is starting to not quite work out anymore. I’m going to sit on this a day and see how I feel tomorrow. Maybe my procrastination will make the decision for me if they sell out. Plus, there is always still the standard bottlings, which are starting to seem like a better value proposition.

Estate box prices as far back as I can go:
2004 (Ode to E): $200
2005 (Naked Truth/17 nail): $200
2006 (shot in the dark/crosshairs): $200
2007 (Dangerous Birds): $200
2008 (The Duel): $200
2009 (This is not an exit): $220
2010 (Stockhold Syndrome): $240
2011 (Patine): $240
2012 (Rattrapante/Touche): $240
2013 (Supplément/Jusqu’à): $250
2014 (Capo/Testa): $250
2015 (M/E): $250
2016 (Pajarito/Subir): $250
2017 (Distenta): $250
2018 (Distenta): $280

thankful to be offered
left on lot on the table for others
good karma

You folks get an SQN offer, I get last chance on To Kalon’s 2016 & 2017 Highest Beauty :weary::weary:

Is there any reason to think this is the vintage of the century?

I know vintage doesn’t much matter with SQN (buying 20 yr) but wow, it’s giving me pause again …
There seems to be resistance building here from long timers, but I’m wondering what the tolerance is for wait listers?

Does anybody else have a spouse who will kick your ass if you don’t buy? :joy:

All in for the reds, first time biting the bulit on the whites too. Let’s see what they turn out to be (in a few years time)…