As linked by WineTerroirist today, an interesting article in the SprudgeReport of. An interview with JoskoGravner:
Josko Gravner: The Sprudge Wine Interview.
He is a “natural” winemaker, but eschews that term to describe his winemaking and freely acknowledges his use of SO2, in minimal amounts.
He was inspired to return to use of ancient Georgian winemaking techniques using quvervi by a 1987 visit to Calif and being appalled by the industrial technique of winemaking.
One thing that puzzles me is his reference to using industrial chemicals to irradicate indigenous vine specious more suited for the terrain. Never done did heard of that being a practice in Calif.
He describes the use of beeswax on the inside of his amphorae to increase the oxygen contact with his wine. ???. I always thought it was to make the interior inert to the wine.
Anyway, an interesting read.

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Interesting questions you raise. Thanks for highlighting this interview!

Thanks Tom! I enjoyed the article!



I like the guy, just wish I enjoyed the wines more. They’re so serious.

Thanks for posting.

I didn’t take that comment about spraying as preventing indigenous vines, but rather indigenous plants that contribute to the environment of the vineyard.

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Yeah, you’re probably right, Lee.
I read too much into that statement.