Spring Mtn wines

Over the last few weeks we have consumed a 2009 Drinkward Peschon, 2010 Smith Madrone, and 2012 Pride; all Cabernet Sauvignon of course. I like Spring Mtn fruit, it is more old school and restrained than some other parts of Napa, not that i don’t like other areas too, everything has its time and place.

I know I am comparing different vintages but my experience has shown that the Pride is more fruit forward than the DP or SM, but still restrained. I find the DP a little better than the SM but not a significant difference. I will be buying the 2013 DP of course and hopefully some SM. I usually only buy the SM at retail and it can be hard to find in South Carolina.

What are your opinions on Spring Mtn. wines most similar to these three, mainly DP and SM, and within their price point of $45-70.

Drinkward is not strictly Spring Mountain, hard to compare. Their website doesn’t list any sources outside of Oakville, actually.

I have read that on the website before but I thought they started using Spring Mtn at some point. I emailed Lisa this morning to inquire.

Please post what you hear if you can share.