Spouse is out of town so I get to drink something crazy! Is that cheating?

Napa cab is my first love. flirtysmile Those that know me can attest. However, like most drinkers on this board, it is fun to drink all sorts of wine. My wife really likes her cab, so even though I may offer up a nice Syrah/Rhone Blend or Pinot, she’ll silently let me know that is not what she would prefer.

Therefore I find myself “cheating” on her a bit by drinking all of the other fun wine that we buy.

Anyone else ever find themselves in similar situations?


I have no such compunction and go deep when solo.

It is completely allowed, especially if the wine is from a different continent. :wink:

Is that a derivation of the “Time Zone” rule? pileon

Obviously it’s not ‘cheating’ in any form, but you MIGHT get in trouble of the special wine is something she is looking forward to, and you have only one of. When Jen’s not here, I know I have free reign over the ‘poop and dirt’ wines (basically, anything Old World in style or origin, even just a little bit)

When my wife is out for the evening and I’m home with the kids, it’s usually Steak and Bordeaux night. Or Steak and Loire Cab Franc night.

She’s starting to gain some appreciation of those, but they’re never near the top of her list, so solo nights are when I seek those out.

Not only is it not cheating, I think it’s more considerate of her to save wines she loves for when she’s sharing them, and to drink things that don’t interest her very much when I’m alone. Guzzling a bottle of her favorite wine by yourself would be more of a cheating move.


Oh hell yes, I go old Burgundy everytime when I am going solo. I feel it’s a good thing for her anyways, so she doesn’t have to listen to me waxing poetic about things pathetic and fawning all night over a damn bottle of wine.

What Doc said. This was what I was going to post, but Glenn already stated it perfectly.

In this situation I will usually drink a Vin Jaune, ,which my wife will hardly share a room with, let alone drink.

Its only cheating if she finds out.

Wife out of town you say? BREAK OUT THE PORT!!!

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I’m inclined to go deep as well, but as Chris said I will avoid anything that she really likes, or typically anything we have purchased together when in wine country. Which leaves all the tooth enamel-stripping whites and stinky French reds for me.

Have an open relationship! Drink whatever you want when you want! No guilt, no questions asked, no shame.

I just popped a Ridge Cab and a Bedrock Syrah, filet night. Wife was not drinking during the week, oh well all mine.

So yes, pop away!

I’ll let you know when I get home. My wife is staying I town tonight because she has an early morning seminar.

I think it depends whose navel you drink it out of.

I mean…she’d probably prefer you stay home and take down a killer bottle of wine by yourself as opposed to going out drinking somewhere with your boys where you may or may not be tempted to end the night at one of your towns finer (or not so fine) gentleman’s establishments.

Just sayin.

SWMBO is leaving today for her 25th college reunion. I have an Under the Wire in the basement beer fridge ready to go for tonight.

Let me check my guilt-meter … Nope. Nothing registering.

My wife has no interest in sweeter wines of any type, so I tend to drink Riesling or Loire Chenin with some RS when she is gone.

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