Spice Ace sale...

My wife and I love Spice Ace in San Francisco and Local Spicery in Tiburon.

Spice Ace is closing up shop at the end of the month and are having a final sale.

I endorse their quality.

30% off right now, we stocked up for spring.

The blends they make are terrific.


I have long been a big fan of www.thespicehouse.com, if you need high quality spices once your local shop is closed (or if you already have the glass jars and just need bagged refills, which are cheaper than even the Spice Ace final sale). Spice House was founded 60 years ago in Milwaukee by William Penzey. His daughter Patty inherited the business, after his son William Jr. launched his own competing chain that you may have heard of called Penzeys Spices. I’ve bought from both Spice House and Penzeys, and have found them to be of equally high quality, but Spice House is consistently cheaper.