Special Napa/Sonoma/Calistoga and around wineries rec (setting, architecture, unkown gems)

Hi, from Montreal!

I will be heading towards the wide Napa region at Easter’s weekend.

My wife and I will be staying at the Lavender Inn in Yountville.

I have read about every threads on recos for the region, but I would like to ask for something different.

I am looking to visit the not-so-obvious choices - for wineries and for restaurants.

If you could share little gems that you found along the way, whether it’s a great not-so-known restaurant, an amazing newcommer winery, a winery with the best experience/service/people, a winery with good wines but also an amazin setting/view or achitecture. A great place to hike/walk.

We are indeed looking to taste great wines, but discoveries are on the menu as well. We are looking for great experiences, being via people, places or wine. I don’t want to spend 170$ per person per visit, but willing to pay if it’s worth it.

All great experiences are welcome. Tell me why you fell in love with your reco!!!

Merci for sharing!!!

Best of luck on your vacation. One of my favorite spots to visit is Failla in St Helena probably a 25-30 min drive from Yountville but a lot of great stuff out there. Wont break your bank for most Napa tastings, the staff was very friendly and wines were truly fantastic.


Thanks so much Michael - i looked into it and it looks promising!!! Merci for the heads up!

Go to Brasswood for lunch in Calistoga and order the Mozzarella cheese appetizer. It may be the thing you talk about most

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That is what I am looking for! Thanks mate!!!

A visit on Mt Veeder with Steve Lagier and Carole Meredith. Though they are retiring they still have some wine to sell. Probably my most memorable Napa tasting I’ve ever had. The hospitality, the view, the stories, the wealth of wine knowledge is unmatched.

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Love it! Thanks Brian!

Dinners are easy as there are so many good restaurants. I love the breakfast and lunch spots

Bouchon Bakery in Yountville hedonistic and you need a sweet tooth
Breakfast Sandwich at Model Bakery in St Helena or the stand in the train hotel in Yountville but sounds like you’ll be up valley

Oakville Grocer for great sandwich to pack for a lunch time picnic
Gotts - gotta grab a burger there and a milkshake if thats your thing. Its mine (they used to have a White Chocolate Macadamia nut shake but dont know if they still do)
Soda Canyon deli - another great sandwich stop on South end of Silverado Trail

Cook Street in St Helena very good but not overly expensive. Small under the radar spot frequented mostly by locals

Last tip. Pick up a case of bottled water as soon as you get there and put in back of rental car. Drink one after each tasting

Love the sandwich spots David! We too often forget about these littles gems!!! Thanks!

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If you like California cabs….Kamen in Sonoma Square is killer!!!

Sojourn is half a block away.

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@David_Baum you are my hero. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G., the mozarella at Brasswood. Honorable mention to the pana cota

Glad you made it and hope you had a great trip. That simple appetizer is just so good and memorable!

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100% this - hopefully it works out, it’s insanely memorable to hang with the legends on such a spectacular property. Salt of the earth, OG Napa awesome.

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