SPECIAL AUCTION (BerserkerDay) Herb Lamb Cigar Package for Charity

Most of you had the chance to see the fantastic and TOTALLY unique auction item that Napa Valley Wine & Cigar and Herb Lamb’s wife Jennifer arranged, Herb’s very own humidor, plus some of his wine and cigars from NVW&C. The successful bidder, DrewT, wished to have the cigars auctioned separately, and NVW&C then padded the deal a bit more, adding 5 top cigars into the ‘Herb’s Favorite’ pack from the auction.

We contacted Jennifer Lamb and asked what was Herb’s favorite charity, and she replied with the following:

Here is the link to the St. Helena Preschool for All, a wonderful local scholarship program that will allow 3 and 4 year olds to go to local preschools and get a jump on their education. > http://www.shpreschoolforall.org/

The auction consists of the following 24 cigars, with all proceeds going to the St. Helena Preschool for All

5 Punch Robusto ( Herb’s favorite)
5 My Father Flor de las Antillas Toros (# 1 cigar 2012)
2 Padron 1964 Anniversario (1 natural 1 Maduro)
3 Oliva V Melanio
4 Arturo Fuente Work of Art
2 1926 Padron Anniversario
3 Alec Bradley Prensado ( #1 cigar 2013)

The retail value $256.00
(note, that is with CA tobacco tax, other states may be higher or lower)

Auction ends Friday Jan 30 at 7:30 pm PST

Okay, folks, bidding is open, and I’m in to start the bidding at $150




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