Spanish wine recommendation

I know very little about Spanish wines. I prefer reds that are fuller in body that has fruit (not jammy). I lean towards more modern style. In terms of whites/sparklers, nothing too acidic. Usually prefer SB over chard for still wines.

Any values on this menu? Thanks in advance!

P_Beverage.pdf (475 KB)

I would try the Godello - a varietal you don’t see that much on lists, and one I personally love.

Juan Gil Monastrell and Numanthia should fit your red needs. Agree on Godello and then Raventos Cava.

Reds that are full bodied would be the Emilio Moro and the Numanthia Termes. Both are going to be big and tannic, not jammy, good with any kind of grilled meat. The Juan Gil will be a bit less tannic and more fruity. The Vina Alberdi and Ardanza are going to be a bit different, a bit more elegant than the first two. The best on the list is the Aalto, but it’s really young and oaky at this point.

For the whites, the Cervera is going to be probably the most lean and acidic, except for the Rekalde, which should be a bright, refreshing wine with no oak or residual sugar. The Shaya is a value Verdejo that has some similarity to Sauvignon Blanc. I like Godello a lot, it’s usually not as lean and acidic as some wines, tending to have a bit of body. And the CVNE Monopole is a very safe choice - it’s always a straight-ahead Viura that has a bit of a bitterness on the finish.

Whoops - I just saw that there’s a lot more on the list. I was only looking at the lunch wines.

On the rest of the list, I’d go with the CVNE Imperial Reserva - it’s the least overpriced and it’s a truly good wine, classic Rioja. Still young, so still has a lot of fruit, but it’s not jammy. That Marques de Grinon is a Syrah, which is pretty good, but no need to go there. Of the rest, the Mauro and the Aalto would still be the best they are still way too young. The Pingus is always a bit hot, big and jammy, so if you like big Cali Cabs, that would be another choice. All three of those wines are what people call “modern” because they don’t have rough tannins or lean green notes, but the first two will age as well as any other wines you will ever find.

That’s my two cents.

Awesome. Thanks everyone for the recommendations!

If you lean hard modern, try Clio. It is positively a Frankenwine for my palate, but does seem to by enjoyed by others, including a well-known California wine maker on this site.

Robert. Sounds very interesting. I couldn’t find it on the menu?

Second upvote for the CVNE Imperial, will be less of a beast than the Numanthia

I second the Numanthia Termes reco. Had it a few weeks back at Oak & Ola in Tampa. Definitely a fruit forward wine that is not Jammy, but rich in flavor with strong tannins. The nose on was seriously incredible. Very bright, floral and fruity.

Here ya go . . .

And the big brother, El Nido.

Personally, I would take the Ardanza over the imperial. It’s cheaper on the list, I think it’s perhaps the better wine. It’s from a more solar year so that may be more to your tastes, plus more bottle age. Should be more fruit forward than recent vintage as well (that’s the vintage).

However, I should consider the 2010 pecina Gran reserva. Haven’t had this particular wine/cuvee, but I’ve enjoyed a lot of their other wines. Fairly traditional, but also very accessible and with good body and fruit, so it should be a wine that is friendly to your palate. I think the guy who started it was the former winemaker or something at LRA. Seems like a great vintage too.

Numanhia Termes and Emilio Moro are on the fruity, extracted side of the spectrum. You may have to be content with the high oak presence on these, as well.

Marques de Riscal and the the Beronia are also modern, imo.

Of course, in case you want something good, then you should go for the Tondonia Reserva.

I love the Ardanza. Even more than Tondonia.

Really awesome recommendations here. I ended up ordering the ‘16 Raventos BdB and ‘12 Vina Alberdi Reserva. Both were food friendly with the tapas. The prices were really light on the budget ($32.50 and $26)! I found the Alberdi to be a but thin but did have some tannins (and some oak). Never had a Tempranillo before and might have to give this varietal a shot again. Definitely going back and ordering the other ones you guys recommended.


We are Clio fanatics but when we couldn’t get any, we tried Triga. Not as viscous or sweet as the Clio but every bit as good at a similar price.