Spain: Pics from Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo

Really, really sorry to have missed you in Barcelona, Serge. As you know, try as I did to juggle my schedule, the earliest I could return there was the day after you left. We could have had such fun!

That “Basque Steakhouse” you went to, was that, by any chance, Asador Sagardi on Muntaner? Sure looks like it. I had dinner there on the 22nd March.

Guy on the right in the above photo is the owner of this upscale chain of restaurants. He hosted and joined us for dinner.

Bunch of tapas and sidra downstairs…

Then we moved upstairs to a private room. I think they served the best chistorra I’ve had in Spain (no photo though). Below is the chuletón we had as main course.

Lady on the right is the editor of Singapore’s Wine & Dine; she looks just about to fall asleep. Surely it couldn’t have been because of my conversation? I was seated beside her.

I like the idea too, but anyone who opened one here would go bankrupt within a few months with that kind of charging method.

Tapas were great but meat, after being “raised and born” on American one was somewhat less interesting than home variety.

Definitely agree. I’ve had beef from all over including top stuff from Japan. I still prefer US prime grade rib-eyes (whether or not dry aged). It’s the only kind of steak we serve at the house.


Its the same exact place, I have their business card, you are very astute to pick out the location of all the places in Barcelona.

We toured the private dining area upstairs. The restaurant manager fast become our friend the night before and when we showed up for dinner, he gave us the grand tour.

Nah, just same good taste.

Alan, great photos, glad you had such a good time. But do you HAVE to use that avatar? One reason I come here is to forget him…

Hi, Alan.

I just tend to remember a lot of useless facts but often misplace my wallet, glasses and other stuff. Seems to run in my family.

Isn’t it? And we ate the same beef dish too.

I’m trying to work out being in HK same time as you, but will have just come from there in late May. I’m working on it!