Spain in Winter

Thinking about doing a trip to Southern Spain in January or February. I realize perhaps the weather would be nicer come spring, but it will have been nearly two years since our last overseas trip so don’t want to wait. Will have our 16 month old with us.

I’ve been to Seville, Cordoba and Madrid years ago, but besides that don’t know the other cities in the area well. Probably want to limit to changing hotels twice (3 total). Happy to rent a car. Could consider spending some of the trip in Majorca instead (menorca looks beautiful too, but from what I can tell it’s pretty shut down in winter). Suggestions?


We went to Andalusia in the winter about 5 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. We rented a car and stayed in Cazorla (mountain town outside a national park that was a good place to get over jet-lag and get some exercise), Granada, and Cordoba.

We went to Tuscany a couple years later at the same time of year. Winter has its advantages:

No crowds so no problem getting into nice restaurants and hotels and it is cheaper. Not only were we able to get into the Paradore on the grounds of Alhambra in Granada on relatively short notice, they gave us a free room upgrade when we arrived.

Cool and damp means all that food and wine goes down even easier and more often. [snort.gif] Chocolate con churros rocks that time of year.

As a bonus, the rain gave us an appreciation for the elaborate water management system that is integral to Alhambra. Water was running through old stone channels everywhere and provided a great sonic backdrop.

The combination of greener landscape, stormy skies, and snow-capped mountains can make for some dramatic scenery. That is particularly nice on the drives.

I have no insights on 16-month-olds. [basic-smile.gif]

Well, Granada is a must if you didn’t get there last time. North of Granada, are three lovely smaller towns: Jaen, Baeza, and Ubeda (Jaen being the largest). South of Granda, is the coastal city of Malaga. There is a parador in Jaen (a very nice one, I’ve stayed there). In Granada, there is a parador inside the Alhambra.

Hay Granada!!! South from Granada is the Alpujarra, the jewel of Spain. There is a winery there…well, we would love to coordinate Juan’s trips to the winery in the winter with when you are visiting the area.

Cazorla is a mecca for Olive oil production in Jaen. I know the mayor there well. Almeria is costal city about an 1 1/2 hours drive from Granada (city). If you are looking for a less touristic place to relax Almeria, is where many of the locals visit to go to the coast for vacation. My birthday is in Feb and my celebrations were always outside in the village with temps in the mid 60’s with ample sunshine. The coast is even warmer. If you want a bit of snow, the tallest mountains of the Iberian Peninsula and there is a nice ski resort up there. If you decide to head up there check out Sol Y Nieve, they have a phenomenal spa Hotel Melia Sol y Nieve, ski hotel in Sierra Nevada | no children allowed there, but the kids have their own spa area.

Anything I can do to help let me know!