South Florida BYO (Palm Beach, Broward & Miami-Dade Counties)

I’m going to post restaurants that I visit and have low or no corkage fee in the South Palm Beach County area here. I hope this helps those traveling to the area. Feel free to add your favorite places as well.

Houston’s, Boca Raton does not charge a corkage fee and I find their food to always be very consistent.

Tryst in downtown Delray has a $10 or $15 corkage but it has been waived for my wife and I on every visit. We like to share the wine we bring in with our regular server. They seem to waive the fee if you seem cool and cordial with the staff.

RICE, in east Boynton Beach off of Woolbright Road charges a $15 corkage fee. I think this is worth it as their list is limited. Some interesting selections to a newb like myself but there are some whites I would prefer to bring to enjoy with their Thai food instead.

We try to visit Delray at least once each year. This is good info. I wasn’t aware of any BYO there. Thanks, David. Have you tried Max’s Harvest?

Not yet, it has been on our list to try for some time.

A little farther north from the Delray Beach area in West Palm Beach, Okeechobee Steakhouse does not charge corkage…

Okeechobee Steakhouse is located on the southeast corner of Okeechobee Blvd. and Wabasso Dr./Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.

Edited the thread title to encompass all of S. Fl.

No corkage fee at Joe’s!!

All the Houston’s in FL are no corkage we ate at the one in Aventura, for several years, which is a beautiful setting and good steaks, prime rib and super pork chops.

Dined at 50 Ocean last night in Delray Beach which is above Boston’s. If you purchase a bottle of wine from The Wine Wave just down the street and mention the proprietor’s name they will waive corkage.

My wife and I and our dinner companions enjoyed a nice '09 Joseph Swan Pinot Gris along with a Halter Ranch Zin.

Went to SMOKE on Atlantic Avenue tonight, it is a newer bbq concept and the chef/pit master is from KC, bbq was pretty good and the portions are massive. Called ahead and they allow byob with a corkage fee of $20.

We opted to bring a 2012 Turley Pesenti Zin based on recent CT reviews, it went perfectly. They are not really ready/prepared for byob so be mindful of that if you visit, you may need to show the staff how to properly remove the capsule.

I went here last month and corkage was $25. They actually had decent priced wine on the list. a 2010 Far Niente cab was $140. Not bad for a restaurant.

Corkage at NY Prime in Boca is $30 and Abe & Louie’s is $25. Considering how overpriced each of those wine lists are, I was very happy to pay that and bring my own bottle.

+1 for Houston’s in Aventura. Traffic sucks but the food and BYO corkage works for us.

Corkage at Nouvelle Maison in Boca is $40 per bottle, but they will waive it entirely if you buy a bottle off their list.

Harvest Seasonal in Delray charges $28. Their reasoning is that that is the cheapest bottle on their menu. They also went on to state that they wanted to discourage people from bringing in their own wine.

Their list is pedestrian and must be heavily marked up.

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This is correct as we went their last month; first time in several years. My original post was two years old so clearly things have changed.

Houston’s still does not charge a corkage fee.

Yep. I ordered a rose and went home and opened a nice bottle of pinot. As someone who spends most of the year in NJ, where many good restaurants don’t even have liquor licenses and are solely BYO (no fee), I have been frustrated here in Florida by the jacked up prices of mostly pedestrian wines that I don’t really want to drink, let alone overpay for. And anything worth drinking is ridiculously expensive.

Novello on Federal Highway in Boca allows corkage for $25 and has a very reasonably priced list.

Came here to say this. Going to Abe and Louis on Saturday. Bottle of Sequioa grove cab on menu is $100. I’ll happily take my $30 bottle and pay the $25 and save $50 lol

A little further north but the Gafford in Stuart is a corkage fee of $20.

I really enjoy Abe & Louie’s - great atmosphere and I love their steaks. I am going to NY Prime next week, and will definitely bring my own bottle!