South Bend - anything?

Any restaurants to suggest? Got corkage? [help.gif] [help.gif] [help.gif] [help.gif]

La Salle Grill. No corkage. Decent list.

Corkage is illegal in Indiana. Unless you know the restaurant well it is nearly impossible. Carriage House was good but it’s been years. I would go with Joe D.'s rec as I have heard good things.


Thanks, gents.

South dining hall.

It’s been a few years, but joe’s rec is the right one.

I had the exact same comment…

Not for wine, and not fancy, but we had good food and beer at South Bend Brew Werks.

P Hickner

I did not end up ordering anything but wine by the glass, but this was a tasty recommendation. Thank you, Joe.

You’re welcome!