Sounds like a vineyard but it's not - what shall we do with these?

On some labels you find words that suggest a single vineyard, but it’s not a particular vineyard. It might be just the name of the wine (Prado Enea), a whole village (Gratallops), a German Großlage (Ingelheimer Kaiserpfalz), a soil type (Silex), or something else that you understand only if you know the language (Alte Reben), or some other term ( 1er Cru). All these might appear in cellartracker as vineyards and consumers in general might think of them as single vineyards. Then they search for them on and do not find them and are disappointed with weinlagen-info. So I thought of introducing a new entity for these not-really-vineyards to weinlagen-info. Users would find them and receive the information that they are not not really vineyards and what they really are.
Question: how would you call such an entity?

In CellarTracker, that would be called the wines ‘designation’, although occasionally it will get erroneously defined as a vineyard.

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A wine name defined by the producer would be a “designation” as well?

That’s the terminology they use at Cellartracker, yes. I think it does no harm if the same term is used somewhere else for similar purposes.

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