Sophienwald Offer To Celebrate BD10!

Woohooo! We’re so excited to be participating in our first ever BerserkerDay, and thank you guys so much for letting us share our Sophienwald stemware with you!

We’ve been thinking a lot about what we could do for you Wine Berserkers, and since we love giving people choices, we came up with following two options for you to choose from:

Offer 1
We have a 20% discount code for you that’s valid on our entire store! Use the code BDTEN for a 20% discount, PLUS a free extra-large polishing cloth (a $20 value and an item coveted by every single wine professional I’ve ever worked with) to help keep your stemware squeaky clean and spot free. Regular shipping rates apply. For one six-pack, this is a $320 value for only $240 plus shipping.

Offer 2
In case you know you’d like to have some of our hand-blown stemware for yourself and to share with your wine-loving friends when you share a bottle with them, but you’re not sure how much you trust them with these handmade glasses :wink:, we’re doing an exclusive BeserkerDay offer of buy six handblown-stems at regular price ($300), get six machine-made UNO stems ($90) for free, PLUS free standard shipping ($20) AND a free extra-large polishing cloth ($20). That’s a $430 value for $300. Please use the code BDTENM to get this great deal.
This offer is so exclusive that the UNOs aren’t even listed on our website yet.

To order, please go to our official website:, pick out your glasses, enter one of the two codes at checkout (offers can’t be combined), and wait excitedly for your Sophienwald stemware, which should arrive in either about 3 business days (if you opt for Express shipping) or 10-15 business days (with standard shipping) – all items are shipped directly from Austria. We’ll be shipping everything out at the beginning of the week and will send you your tracking information ASAP.

Quick side note: Be aware that neither the free polishing cloth (Deal #1) nor free the UNO glasses + polishing cloth (Deal #2) will show up listed in your cart during checkout, nor will it be mentioned in the confirmation email. This is unfortunately the case due to the shop-system, but we promise we will see the code you use, and we will send everything out as listed above. Even better than a promise, we Alpine pinky swear!

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll gladly be of assitance!

We’d love to hear what you think, and we look forward to welcoming you to our Sophienwald family.

Zum Wohl from the snowy Alps, and happy BerserkerDay to all you wonderful people [cheers.gif]
Ginger & Simon

I’m a fan of these glasses. Like the profile and balance of the Essential glass the most, although I still grab the bigger bowl of the Burgundy.

Thanks so much, Shan!
We’re really happy to hear you’ve been enjoying them. :slight_smile:

Ginger, can you share any more info about the machine made uno stems?

I have the Red glasses and love them…

I love hearing that, thank you so much, Joe.
Sure thing! I can look up the email address you used when you bought from us last - would you like for me to email you the picture I have that shows the entire lineup, including the UNO?
(I’ll keep working on posting the picture here in the offer, but until then, I hope emailing it will help).

The specs of the glass are:
height 9.2 inches
diameter of the bowl 3.5 inches
diameter opening 2.4 inches
diameter base 3.1 inches
total volume 18.6 oz

They are heavier than any of our hand-blown glasses, weighing in at about 195 grams, compared to about 115 grams for THE RED and approx. 105 grams for THE ESSENTIAL.

Photo fixed (remember folks, you can’t buy from them today (or anyone in this forum - only the Early Purchase Offers forum!) but get ready and use your Preview Day time wisely! :slight_smile:

Todd, you’re amazing - thank you!

Thank you so much for your orders, guys!
We’re so excited to get these glasses into your hands.
We’ll be in touch with shipping info ASAP.

Is watson’s wine the sole distributor of sophienwald stem in hk?