Soooo, whatcha eatin' for the Superbowl?

Ya gotta have grub. But it can’t be hard to prepare and extra credit should be given to Americana.
For me the regulars are potato chips and onion dip, guac (I know not really american), sausages, cole slaw and pastrami sandwiches. Brownies make a frequent appearance. And not the Denver or Seattle variety :slight_smile:
We’re doing a bit of a potluck with a medium group this year.

Chicago style Italian beef…and something else.


We have a tradition of watching the Super Bowl every year together as a family and trying to come up with food and beverages that have some sort of tie to each team. This year we’re doing the following:

Seattle’s Best Coffee (Seattle)
Denver Omelets (Denver)

Game / Dinner
Buffalo Sliders (Denver)
Papa John’s Pizza (Denver)
Skittles (Seattle)
Washington Apple Pie (Seattle)
Washington Wine (Seattle)
Colorado Microbrews (Denver)
Wings (mandatory)
Nachos (mandatory)

We’ll be eating Bronco burgers.



Brisket and Velveta dip.

Oh wow. I totally forgot about the Velveeta. It isn’t an every year thing but when better to eat some velveeta? How do you make yours Bill? We pretty much stick to the Velveeta with Rotel and just a tad of sharp cheddar tossed in. It’s nasty, but it’s tasty.

Cheese, milk and rotel.


Funny we always do chips with salsa, guacamole, and a chile con queso that’s based on velveeta and salsa, then fish tacos at halftime.

This year I’ll be mixing salsa with a velveeta substitute recipe from The Food Lab using real cheese, here:

Test run on a small batch of the queso recipe tonight.

You eat fish?

White chili

Yes sometimes.

This year it’s all brownies. It’s as if Jamaica was playing The Netherlands in the World Cup.

Ribs and beer.

I’m not sure I’m ready for cheese sauce, but I really like serious eats- lots of good ideas to be found.

Pork Belly Banh Mi are the main event. Chex Mix, cheese, prosciutto are the snacks.

Sweet and spicy wings.

Six dollar super bacon cheeseburger and small fries.

Carrie is having an original six dollar burger, no mayo, no onion and onion rings, no salt.

Bill will be $16.74 but I pay $20.25.

Smoking 9 lbs. of cayenne spiced wings tomorrow to bring to a neighbor’s party.