Sonoma Wineries - Help

I have a client who is taking his wife to Sonoma for 4 days later this week. They are staying at the Fairmont in downtown Sonoma. The last time I was in Sonoma I was with some friends who scheduled private visits. I am looking for recommendations for wineries where they would not need an appointment to stop by and taste. They are wine enthusiasts but not to the level of people on a wine board.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In Kenwood:
Enkidu and Ty Caton tasting rooms are next door to each other and offer enjoyable wines at fair prices. Both worth a look.

Do you think they are looking for wines to try and perhaps buy or get introduced to that they may not see back at their local wine shop or just casually taste and have fun . If the former they may want to try Sojourn tasting room in downtown Sonoma. They should call for an appt but they will probably really enjoy the wines and the visit is in a very casual setting.

How far outside the immediate Sonoma area are they willing to venture? That would open up a lot of options.

The Fairmont is actually in Boyes Hot Springs, about a 5-10 minute drive from downtown Sonoma.

Some wineries within about a 15 minute drive from the Fairmont that I believe do not need an appointment: Ravenswood, Audelssa/Pangloss, Scribe, Gundlach Bundschu, and Gloria Ferrer.

Or your client could just take the Sonoma square wine walk:

In the Square is the Sojourn tasting salon- appointment needed but great wines. Down the block is Kamen. Those visits are for the wine.

For the grounds- not necessarily the wine- they should visit Chateau St Jean.

My non-berserker wife was just in Sonoma and she visited Walt, Kamen, and Bryter in town. Those don’t need appointments.

She also went to Auteur and Sojourn, which do need appointments, but it is really easy to book Sojourn online.


joseph swan
merry edwards

All of these are within a relatively small stretch of Westside Road:

Gary Farrell
Porter Creek

Korbel, though not a good place for tasting, has a really nice little deli to get picnic stuff and is close by the other wineries.

Another vote for Enkidu. I stopped in there during my last trip about 5 minutes before the door closed and after a bit of polite begging, they did a short tasting for my friend and I. The man we met there was very friendly and down to earth, and the wines were great.

Our very own Paul Luckin! Good peeps.

Enkidu is cool and Ty used to share his room. Does he still?

Muscardini Cellars opened their own tasting room down the road back around February.

Oh. I didn’t know they did that. They’re a good stop, too.

If they drop a bit south, Keating and Anaba. Plus something (shout out to Eric, cause I can’t recall), just opened in his same complex.

On the square, Hawkes is a good choice. Plus second votes for Kamen, Walt and Sojourn (thou I know you said " no appointments").

I’m 99% sure that Scribe is appt only, thou a good stop.

Thanks for all the responses. I will point him to this thread.

I would suggest Michel-Schlumberger … . Nice folks with great setting and well made wines…

My wife and I visited there a year ago and I was surprised at how much we enjoyed the wines. We tasted 6-7 wines, and the Cinq Cepages, Reserve Merlot, and a number of the Pinots (single vineyard designates and the Reserve) were all quite good. Plus, as you mention, the grounds are beautiful and you can purchase food in the store there (or bring your own) and enjoy a picnic.