Somewhat wine related... recommendations for a good truffle slicer

It’s that time of the year, I am wondering if any of you have a truffle slicer you would recommend that us not flimsy.

Thanks !


I’m a fan of these things:

They’re normally used to turn blocks of bonito into shavings for Japanese cooking but obviously truffles are easier to slice than dried bonito. I don’t own the exact thing in the link (bought mine in Japan) but it looks quite similar and the reviews look decent

You might get more responses if you post in the food (Epicurean Exploits) forum of the board.

I like this one. the metal ones are not as comfortable to hold

I have one made from olive wood. It’s easy to use and clean. I polish it with cooking oil to maintain it.

Hey there JF,
I have the one listed above and a simple stainless steel one. Just get a simple one that’s “made in Italy”. The one above is made in China and even though it has a wooden handle, the simple one feels nicer in my hands, sharper and more adjustable.
Shin will bring em by next week. :wink: You can keep the wooden one (it’s an extra).
Did you find a source of alba white? It’s a little early in the season though.

— Ben

Thanks Ben,

I’ll have a look this week. I havent bought white truffles yet, just getting ready :slight_smile: