Somethings gotta go- Carlisle, Bedrock, O and F?

20+ years with Carlisle, recent Bedrock subscriber and more recently Once and Future. Love all three and highly respect what they do so well but have no time, space or liver for so many. Probably will do last in , first out strategy but curious what others think from a cellaring and stylistic standpoint?

I’d buy smaller amounts from all 3 to get to where you need to as opposed to dropping a producer entirely. Another variable to consider besides ability to age in the cellar and style would vineyard access. For instance, I am pretty sure only Bedrock does a Zin(s) from Amador.


Bedrock will be legend. Don’t give it up.

Can you buy any or all of them in the area where you live. Might make the decision a bit easier.


What Tom and Tom said.

I went through this and dropped Carlisle. Not an easy decision, but the other two, especially Bedrock where making Carlisle redundant. I wanted room for more wines I was discovering from regions other than CA. Nothing against Carlisle, but there are a lot of great wines out there.

By the way…under no circumstance would I drop Carlisle. Definitely my “ride or die” mailing list.


Familiar problems to many on this board a) cheaper if you fill out a case b) the most desirable bottlings only available if you have a long and deep buying history c) the amazing proliferation of distinctive selections all of which are highly rated. Only way to avoid temptation is to delete the offer.

Bedrock, Carlisle, Scherrer and Ridge are never drops for Zin.

I’m no help … started with Bedrock, Carlisle, and Turley, and then added Limerick Lane, Outpost, Bucklin, and O&F. Stopped Outpost after the sale, stopped LL somewhat because of price, and still deciding on how to pare down the zins (not figured out yet), and then round out some cab diversity. Oh, then throw Hartford Court, Ridge, and Biale into the occasional purchase. I guess I like zin a bit too much :slight_smile:

No correct answers. My “solution” has been to just not start ordering from O and F, even if the wines are obviously awesome. Keeping a cellar in check is all about getting comfortable with FOMO. [cry.gif]

Are you drinking the Carlisle or stockpiling it (i.e. is the annual input notably greater than the annual output)?

If the latter, drop it, and get some other stuff.

Just skip some releases. I used to order a lot from both Bedrock and Carlisle but just had too much and didn’t drink them often . FWIW Carlisle stopped offering me wines after a skipped two years, but Bedrock kept sending me offers and I ordered again this year after a 5 year break. (No issue with that, just letting you know the default).

In order to discover new oceans, you need to lose sight of the shore. Ask yourself the question: can I buy better Syrah, Zin or Rhône blends elsewhere for the same price or less? The answer for me was yes in the case of Carlisle.
I figure if I wake up some night in a cold sweat needing a Carlisle, I can buy one on Winebid…nicely aged and maybe for less than release price.
BTW, before I dropped Carl, I dropped Turley. So you can see my progression.
For great QPR Rhône’s and Syrah, look at Jaffurs. Zin, O&F/Bedrock.

I’m in the same boat. I over bought all three over the last 5+ years considering my annual consumption, so this year will be my first either dropping or being much more selective on my purchases. I have other Zin producers I like more than Bedrock or Carlisle, so those will go. I like Carlisle’s Syrahs so those will stay in minor quantities, plus I get allocated the harder to get Syrahs. I’ll probably only buy a couple of heritage wines and the Weil a Way Syrahs from Bedrock. Bottom line, I’ll probably go from 6+ cases total between the producers per year to 1 case over the year. They are fantastic values and great wines, but I’m done buying so much from one producer. I like variety.

“ Finding friends with the same mental illness- priceless”. All good advice. As with most of us, I dont buy to collect but with the intention to drink them and stimulated by the prose of the critics, retailers and winemakers. Its a serious disorder but there are worse problems, I suppose. My plan is to cut my Carlisle and Bedrock allocations and drop O and F.

I can relate to this. Carlisle and Bedrock take up a disproportionate share of my space and budget, but I love the wines and admire the producers too muchbto drop either.

My solution has been to geographically focus with each. So I mostly limit Carlisle to RRV and mostly limit Bedrock to Sonoma Valley. Exceptions made for entry level bottlings and the occasional outlier, but focusing helps me keep quantities in check and makes them less redundant.

How much Zin does someone really need? With an ocean out there n all…

Anything here that you can’t get on the mailing list for the same price? "Carlisle" | WineBid

I kept Bedrock and Turley (Turley just for Ueberroth/Dragon/Pesenti)