Some nice Sunday wines (Roulot, Grange, Juge)

I got an impromptu invite Sunday morning to an afternoon BBQ/wine thing, and the food & wines were great. Some of my top wines of the day:

  1. 2007 Roulot HdB Meursault-Genevrieres Cuvee Baudot. Marshall brought this wine, and said that it showed much younger/fresher than another bottle he previously had opened. Lovely acidity with a creamy midpalate; the fruit leaned a bit more towards apple/pear. A fantastic showing and just awesome with the grilled spot prawns.

  2. 1998 Penfolds Grange. I decided to bring this bottle to go with the various red meats that I figured would show up later on the grill. I’ve been following the evolution of the 98 Grange since release, and it’s still quite youthful (although not an exuberantly fruity as when released). Lots of dark fruits and a bit of earthiness, but hasn’t yet developed the complexity of middle age. Still wonderful with the grilled meats.

  3. 2011/2012 Juge Cornas. I was very excited to see these bottles on the table, as they are very difficult to find. The 2011 was my clear favorite, with beautiful, perfumy, slightly leathery notes throughout. Although the sometimes rustic quality of Cornas was evident, it was an element of the overall wine and didn’t predominate or obscure the excellent fruit/acid balance. The 2012, by comparison, was a bit simpler and less complex than the 2012. It’s too bad that these wines aren’t available…

A fine, fine afternoon.


I bought the Juge so that our TX guest could try them. I was honestly surprised by how many people knew of the wines. I also preferred the 2011 for drinking right now. The 2012 will be very nice, but needs another year or two to settle down.

Bruce I think my Grange palate is ruined. I had a terrific 1991 last year (thanks Rob) but for my palate it was completely youthfully disjointed so my one bottle of 1998 might go to my kids. I once had a 1971 and it was magical to see Grange when it is fully mature.

Ryan–You do, however, lose a few points for bringing a wine that can’t be sourced! [soap.gif]