Some dirtbag tried to auction a coravined wine!

I just received a shipment from an auction house, and one of the bottles had clearly been coravined. A puncture through the foil, and a below shoulder fill. I was irate someone would try to do that, and appalled the auction house had missed it. I sent a polite email with photos asking for a refund, and they responded quickly, but couldn’t find any record of me purchasing the bottle.
I had thought the same when it arrived; why would I purchase that? Not my typical auction target.

After they did some research, it turns out… This was a bottle I myself had sent them to auction a few years ago, but they’d caught it and rejected it. They’d included it in the box with my auction purchases as a courtesy. I’m the idiot dirtbag! [rofl.gif] I swear it was unintentional! I’m just happy my email to them wasn’t indignant.



Around 2016, I bought three bottles of 1996 Forman Merlot. During sideways storage, all began to leak through a Coravin hole. The auction house refunded my money.

Ha ha! That’s amazing!!

Great story, Warren!

But this might refresh your recollection about why you decided to sell it – you didn’t like it after the Coravin sample. neener

I was looking at an auction listing in the last few weeks where there was a note about a puncture, I cracked up seeing that.

I can just imagine the catalog listing: “This wine benefits from the introduction of argon into the sizeable head space.”


“Reconditioned in the consignor’s cellar after sampling for soundness.”


Some dirtbag once shipped a Coravined wine to a client! And it was me [oops.gif]. Our bottles are very dark and heavy. We keep part of our inventory in the owner’s cellar for easy access and tastings. I asked them to ship a few bottles for an order, and by accident, they pulled one from my Coravin corner (which I had not marked clearly). Thank goodness the client was a friend of the family and contacted me right away. I was so horrified and sorry about the mistake. I had them drink the Coravin bottle for dinner and shipped them a new one right away…we’ll never make that mistake again.


20% of this wine was drank already which is why it’s discounted 20% :stuck_out_tongue:

Buying a coravined wine is a lot like buying an 11 bottle lot; someone tried it and didn’t like it!


Great thread title that I had to click. Warren thanks for the post it made me laugh out loud.

I love this thread!

[rofl.gif] [oops.gif] [banhim.gif]

Every market has two sides.

That’s funny stuff right there.

Thanks for the laugh, I was curious by the thread title. Cheers!

Reminds of another thread; someone was bidding on a wine and realized it was their own.

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This is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the day’s laugh.

Warren = [banhim.gif] Allison = [smileyvault-ban.gif]

You Coravin hooligans must be dealt with swiftly and harshly!

Good Friday laugh!