***SOLD OUT***Anderson Valley SV Chardonnay ~$15 (Bêcheur)

Did you buy Terrien Chardonnay on Berserkers Day? OKAY so here we go again with dynamic pricing but this time for a wine I didn’t make: this one is a very, very good single vineyard Anderson Valley Chardonnay made by a friend. It’s 2018 and comes from one and a half puncheons and three barrels. The new oak contribution is from the half-puncheon, so about 1/6th new French oak in the bottle. I’m not allowed to tell you the vineyard name, but it’s renowned.

Bêcheur is meant as a way for you to rescue a nice wine at cost. By rescue I mean you’ll find wines I have dug up from my friends’ wineries and which I offer to you because otherwise they would become a casualty of California’s grape glut and get blended for sale on the bulk market.

Any Berserkers had this yet? Would love some notes!

Yes indeed!
I bought a six pack as soon as I received Michael‘s email alerting me to the project.
Sounds like a great project, one worthy of keeping an eye on. My understanding is that he is trying to rescue good juice that otherwise would be bound for bulk sale in the midst of the “grape glut.” I also believe that Michael is going to be releasing other wines under the same label.
I believe this was very recently bottled. Thus, it is a bit young and “reticent,“ hinting that it will develop substantially, as Michael suggested to me that it would. Nonetheless, for this price, you will not find a better California Chardonnay. Nice apple/pear notes, citrus, and some minerality that keeps it interesting, with a pleasing nutty element. There is no prominent oak present. I would not say that the style is lean per se, as it certainly has a nice fruit component, but it definitely is not big or overblown in any way. It’s a balanced wine that tastes like it can age.
Michael’s recommendation was to drink a bottle soon to get a general impression, then let the rest sit for a while, which is what I plan on doing. You will not be disappointed, especially at this price.

I bought 6 bottles for $36, free shipping. Perhaps the best wine buy of my lifetime. It is indeed very very good. Medium body, good varietal character, nice texture, good grip, nothing overdone, very satisfying. Mr. Terrien sure knows what he is doing, he has quickly earned my trust. Look forward to future offers.

Agree with previous notes. Just bottled and I grabbed one right off the truck, so take that into consideration, but both reticent and very pleasant is accurate. Very little discernible oak.
A half bottle held up well in the fridge for days—look forward to checking in on another in a couple of months.
Thoroughly enjoyed and got it at a great price.

What’s the shipping prices?

Free shipping

I think Michael’s Yankee ingenuity has hit gold here. The wine is young, but indeed wonderful, at a price point none of us can resist Happy to “rescue” anything else he finds…Ayuh. champagne.gif champagne.gif

I too bought a 6 pack and opened my first one today. I was expecting it to be more austere but it was medium-bodied with layers of lemon, grapefruit, and some apple. The fruit stood out from the first sip. It had a subtle minerality. It was well-balanced with good appropriate acidity. I thought I picked up some hints of almonds too but that might have been because I was snacking on almonds as I finished the bottle. I did not pick up any oak or any of the buttery flavors that I often find in CA Chardonnay. Overall, this is an excellent, well-balanced Chardonnay that offers a lot of pairing possibilities. Tonight it was paired with a poblano pepper stuffed with seasoned chicken and it was up to the task. I have always trusted what Michael Terrien can do with Chardonnay. He did not let me down with this wine or his Terrien Chardonnay.

Hope y’all have jumped on this. Highly recommended.

Maybe i missed it, but how do we order? Went to website but didnt see it. Pm? Thanks!

I posted a TN on it a few days ago.

Somebody who has bought the wine could do a “refer a friend” for James Mc : give $20 get $20. On the Bêcheur website.

How did you get 6 bottles for $36 when the listed price is $15/bottle?

Dynamic pricing. The price fluctuates depending on buying activity. It was the same for the Terrien Chardonnay. There is an explanation of this under the Berserker Day 11 Forum–read through the thread on Terrien and you will see that people who posted paid anywhere from $6-$18 per bottle. If you go to the Bêcheur website you will see two prices–the current and the average.

Very cool idea…well done!

Cracked another one last night. This will definitely scratch the itch of any AFWE Cali Chardonnay fans. Stylistically reminiscent of Ceritas, maybe Radio-Coteau.

I’ve wondered if this comes from a vineyard that Radio-Coteau does a SVD Chardonnay from…

No idea. He can’t mention the source.

Wow that was quick shipping. Chilled and enjoyed last night with fish tacos. Thanks!