"Sold"...."All Gone"...."Too late"......Etc are meaningless without context!

@ToddFrench @brigcampbell In the past, when someone sold something on CC, you could go back and see the thread, with the back and forths on the transaction (price, negotiations, etc) of the items being sold. Then it morphed into being able to click on the edit button and you could see this information. Then somewhere along the way it was changed again, and now there is frequently a post that just says “Sold”, or “All gone”, or Too late", with zero info about what was being sold, for what price, etc…I wrote about this previously, and Todd’s answer was “people don’t want to be bugged about a CC post once the item has sold”, which I understand, but maybe a middle ground could be accomplished by having the original poster click a button that does not allow any more comments in the original thread, but someone seeing the thread after an item has sold can still see the history of the offering and the sale? This info would seem to be of value to the WB community. Logging on to CC and just seeing “Sold” in the headline with nothing else visible seems silly…


I imagine people don’t want to be bugged, but they also don’t necessarily want an easily retrievable record of certain potential transactions. So, for some, the options are either (A), have more sales listed and suffer the inability to see the historic record of those listings, or (B), discourage some from posting offers at all and have fewer listings overall but with better ability to peruse the previous transactions.

Enter pencil function that was disabled and the diatribe that ensues with the pros and cons from both sides. I think the majority has spoken but I am with you.

I always assumed this was the reason

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If you are so inclined you could spend a minute and quote the OP. :face_in_clouds: :berserker:

I’ve always left mine up because I agree it’s a nice data point. I’ve never received a pm after something was sold.

Requiring a ledger of everything sold on CC would be the end of CC

Yeah, cuz technically it’s maybe illegal.

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I don’t need or want a ledger, pricing details, etc. But 100% with OP that it would be nice to at least know what was sold.

Remember when Wine Commune sent all their sales data to the IRS?

Is deleting OP content really hiding what was there from anybody should they legally require them?
If they see your name on CC a hundred times and ask questions are you really going to stand by I sold nothing, especially when most say “Sold” or “closed”. When they start asking the people who responded in the thread…I hope people are deleting pm’s and they aren’t recoverable.

Maybe there should be a limit on how many post you can make on CC? Isn’t that what got Wine Commune in trouble. were there not people essentially running businesses that were not licensed and/or maybe not record keeping.

I wasn’t intending to start a legal analysis of CC…I have bought and sold stuff on here many times, it’s a great resource…I was simply stating that opening a CC thread that just says “sold” and nothing else seems silly. It would be like opening a Wine Talk thread that just says “Wine” or “Cabernet”, but nothing else…but I get that people might not want a ledger either, so I am not sure what the right answer is…

Fairly certain we’ve had this conversation before.

If I don’t delete, I get DMs 1+ years out, “Is this still available”, even when marked as sold.

Have also gotten messages multiple years later requesting wines at outdated prices

CC’s point isn’t as a market gauge. Plenty of easily accessible references that are