Software for cellar inventory reccomendation?

Figured this forum would be the place to ask this…

I am looking for software to replace my no-longer supported copy of Personal Wine Cellar software. PWC has always been somewhat clunky and slow, but it served its purpose well enough. I just got used to its shortcomings. But when the developers sold it, and it went “to the cloud”, and the new owners started to charge ridiculous fees to use it - I did not upgrade. That was several years ago.

I’ve been surfing for something else, but it looks as if everyone has gone cloud based, pay a monthly fee, or get hammered by adds. I do not want anything to do with “the cloud”.

Any suggestions? I’m tired of shopping. I have about 1500 bottles that will need to be transferred (to whatever I go with), so I’d rather do it one time…

I have no experience with cellartracker and managing it through them…many people seem happy with that.
For many years I have simply kept my 2400 b. cellar on an excel spread sheet, and it has worked well for me. I do not keep track of what I paid for the wines, what current value is, nor what scores they were given…not important to me.

+1 for CellarTracker

CellarTracker is great, but not the answer if you want something on your local system only. Excel is probably your best bet.

CellarTracker is the obvious choice. Not sure why one would want the hassle of maintaining everything locally. Plus, CT has a tons of functionality your Excel Doc doesn’t. Explore the site…

+1 CellarTracker

Another Cellartracker vote. I used to want local only and used Excel for way too long. It stunk for that but I was slow.

Once/if you get onto CT it is super easy to simply download (i.e. export) your cellar to an .xls spreadsheet locally. That way you have a local backup of your cellar. EZ PZ. I do this every now and again. Exporting is a powerful tool.

As a bonus if you already have your cellar in excel you can probably bulk load it into cellar tracker and save a bunch of time. I did this and it got 98% of my wines correct. There is a forum over on the cellartracker site which is super useful and helpful.

+1 for CT, works great and you get the community view. Not the community view is infallible, however it is a point of reference to throw in the mix (TNs, pricing, ratings, drinking windows, etc…). Not aware of anything “local” that does that well. If you desire local and don’t care about the above, Excel is your answer.

Eric offered to input some of my excel entries into CT when I first signed up

CT - nothing else comes close. User since 2004.

I am very happy with CellarTracker.

I went from a local spreadsheet to an online spreadsheet to Cellar Tracker and don’t regret the move. I like having all the info available from work, phone, or at home and doing tasting notes from parties or restaurants and having those available when I’m shopping later.

I tried to find locally hosted software but didn’t find anything that didn’t require a lot of work on my part (i.e. a free database and report tool, but I’d have to set up all the forms and searches manually). Nothing wine-specific that I could find.

cellartracker is perfect.

Things I didnt appreciate about it:

    • You can see scores come in as people taste the wines you own. It makes it easy to keep track of your stuff
    • Premium accounts get pricing/valuation insight as well
    • You can ‘print’ a wine menu of your wines from Cellartracker
    • If you want, you can print out QR codes to check in and automaically check out wines as you drink them
    • It’s free (though I recommend paying for it)
    • You can send them a spreadsheet of your wines and they’ll upload them for you

No reason to do anything other than CT tbh.

Well considering this is a forum, and CT is unanimously suggested, that sounds like the winning ticket. I’ll check it out.

PWC is a Windows frames based application. I can export my collection to Excel, Notepad, Word, and several other formats.

I just get irritated with cloud based crap. I do not like depending on that storage means, but I can see how handy it would be when I’m travelling.

Years ago, I used a software program that stayed on my computer. When they quit supporting it, I looked at options and CT was my best option.
I’m not sure what your opposition is to using something in the cloud, but I would encourage you to look at it. It has exceeded all of my expectations and is very easy to use.
I also like having the app on my phone when I get an email about a sale to double check if I had already purchased that wine (its happened).

It’s a control thing. Plus, web based programs are notorious for screwing the consumer in one way or the other. When everyone I knew was slobbering about how cool Facebook was, I was telling them they were frigging crazy posting personal information on the web, and that FB was nothing more than a creepy stalking program. “Oh no, it’s perfectly harmless, for the betterment of the world…blah, blah, blah…”

The only problem with CellarTracker is the pending delivery functionality. It somehow shows a lot of bottles automagically because I told my wife I wasn’t buying much wine anymore…so the program must have a bug.

I had the same bug, I changed my password, presto, problem solved . . .

Until the boxes showed up


You can export your data from CT easily in any format you might need so there’s always an easy way out with your data.

For me the cloud benefit is instant access from any device.

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