Sociando Mallet still youngish after 37 years

It gives so much pleasure for a very modest price
Even the 1992 was really shining. Stellar and classic

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Parker predicted maturity 2005-2040, not sure if I ll be still alive, and not sure if still bottles left in 2040, but now there are still 11 bts ( of 18) left. Drinking fine now.

Popped this tonight. Not cheap, but singing

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I have a weakness for 1986 and 1988 left bank

1986 +88 Ducru can be tainted with (kind of) TCA stink …
I sold my bottles

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THIS. I had terrible luck with these two vintages of Ducru. No pun intended, but tainted me on Ducru for many years.

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No issues on last night’s bottle. Hanukkah saved!

The '86 Sociando is outstanding and a sleeper for the vintage.

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Didn’t have any to sell, but all '86 DB I had from others were tainted.
Have had up-and-downs with 1986 Sociando, mostly down.
My bad luck, good that the ones here showed well.

I’ve never had a clean 86 DB :confused:

You should have been here last night