Sociando Mallet 2009

I seem to remember Robert A telling me that this was a bit plush and glossy, which unfortunately was correct on the first night. I decanted it for four or five hours, which did nothing to dispel the excessive jamminess of the fruit. The nose was certainly very winsome, full of ripe raspberry and blackberry, without a trace of green. The raspberry and blackberry are joined on the palate by a little blueberry, all adding up to a borderline syrupy cocktail, thankfully rescued by some cooler blackcurrant midpalate, but really not my cup of tea.

I put it back in the cellar for two days, with my fingers crossed - and voilà, a new wine emerged.
Last night, the jammy flavours had receded, with the cooler blackcurrant taking over completely, leaving a much more agreeable wine - very impressive indeed in fact, close in style to a top Pauillac. Nothing remotely green still, but a slight crispness to the finish which gives it the freshness it lacked the first night.

It needs a good five years but then could become an outstanding wine. Otherwise, a very long decant is needed.


I almost never drink Bordeaux, but I’ve seen Sociando Mallet mentioned a few times on here now…

I have the possibility of buying a 1995 Magnum in seemingly great condition for around 100-120$. Is that a fair price? I have no idea here :sweat_smile:

Edit: pretty easy to backfill i see. Maybe i should try and normal 750ml first :grin:

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It’s been a while since I tried a 95, but it’s certainly a good wine. However, if you have never tried SM before, I would choose a 2001 to start with. The SM style is not for everyone, because of the herbaceous streak it sometimes shows, but since you like Loire reds, this should not be a problem!

The good thing about SM is that in Europe at least, it’s so easy to find at auction, thanks to the huge annual output.

Actually, for those who really dislike the green side, the 09 (and the 10) would be perfect.

I have all vintages since 1984 so reach out if you want to taste :cheers: :cheers:
1995 is also the first vintage of Sociando Mallet Cuvee Jean Gautreau. You should also try to seek out a few bottles of these. Quite remarkable to compare with the normal cuvee

A six-pack (ex-cellar) just surfaced in my local market, too expensive to buy all but not too much to sample, first vintage and all. Looking forward to it soon.

Well thats good to hear as i just picked up a 2001 in good condition.

I’m not a betting man, but you will like this wine!

Julian and I have always quipped, Sociando is a Chinon lover’s Bordeaux!

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That 1995 Jean Gautreau Cuvee is exceptional, had my last a few months ago. First Growth quality in 1995 and 2001.

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I have only had the 1996 and 2004. Both spectacular
I look forward to open my case

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Always amazes me that Sociando only has about 5% Cab Franc in the cepage. The profile will surprise.

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Pretty excited to try out the 2001 now!

The 2001 is a star. Really delicious now


Yes, absolutely - the perfect crossover wine from Loire to Bordeaux or vice-versa!

Again, quite agree - the Cuvée Jean Gautreau is hard to find but well worth it. WBers based in Europe should be able to get it direct from the château - I’m pretty sure they ship to any European country. Just send them an email asking for the prices. They probably still have both the 95 and the 01.

2001 Sociando Mallet is really superb. Unfortunately I have only a few bottles left.

You guys are really building up the 2001 hype :grin:.
Picking up my bottle for the Christmas vacation. I will end up super disappointed with my current expectations!

Be aware that it is a cool climate wine but very balanced. It resembles a Pauilliac of the good old days IMO. Lots of pencil shavings and blue fruit.

Sounds like the 2009 is aging well. Looking forward to tasting it early next year when I’m doing a vertical at the estate.

Have tasted a couple of 2009s lately from other producers that are alarmingly evolved…

Will be curious to read your report. Not surprising though. I largely avoided this vintage.

On the one hand, they’re a nice lot at Sociando-Mallet and the tasting room has a wonderful view over the vineyard, like Pichon Comtesse’s one, on the other hand, January in the Médoc…bon courage!