So, how many new winemakers are you ordering from today?

Seven, so far out of eight total.

Nice way to get out of a rut! [cheers.gif]

4 out of my 5 purchases are new to me.

6…so far pepsi

2 for 2 right now

4/6. I’m allergic to shipping costs, so if I don’t see a wine locally I usually won’t get around to trying it. Problem solved.

7 out of 8, with my 2 larger amount purchases going to Stefania and Keating - this pinot junkie needs more cabs.

2 for 2 for me so far

4 of 6 for me [cheers.gif]

4 of 5 really since the wife said I couldn’t order anything if I didn’t refill on Lagier :slight_smile:

and i’m surprisingly light on pinot this year…I was almost all pinot with some syrah last year. Hmm maybe I should fix that and go hit refresh…

This is the BEST part of BerserkerDay - new winemakers getting a name for themselves by having a great deal on their wines, resulting in some long-lasting internet tasting notes…

3 for 3 so far, and I will surely add a couple of more…


3 for 3 so far, about to go 4/4.

I’m 2 for 2. And by the way Cellar Tracker is crawling, I must not be the only one.

2 so far. Would be more if the job didnt get in the way.

Very cool. Glad to be part of the cog.

I guess Eric is cursing ‘the power of WB’ today, huh?


3 for 3

2 for me so far.

5 so far, I must be crazy.

Just saw Tercero has free shipping for a case. [stirthepothal.gif]