So, Has Anyone Tried Sterling Sweet Chenin (Botrytis)?

Apparently, I left these two bottles at my parents home 40 years ago. We’re getting ready to shut the house down and I discover these guys in non-climate controlled storage.

I’m pretty confident I never tried these and I can’t find notes anywhere. TIA

Yup… I’ve tried it. In its day, it was a spectacular Sweet CB. Very Loire like. And my prediction, even under poor storage conditions, it will still be good. Try one & report back.
When CocaCola took over Sterling in the early '80’s and brought in CaryGott from CorbettCanyon (Canyon… canyon…canyon went the ditty), there were some 40 cs in the cellar. One of the corporate types tried one… too sweet (well…doh!!) … and they were sent off to the Napa Cnty dump!!!

I was counting on you, Tom. Thanks. And a tear for the forty cases

Well, David… try one & report back. I’m curious.

I will crack one in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned

1975 Sterling Sweet Chenin Blanc (Botrytis) - 375 ml

Recently grabbed from a stash of wine that I left at my parents’ house in the early ‘80s that included two of these. Kept in a dark cupboard in their dining room

Clean amber brown robe fading at the rim. Aroma of walnuts, caramel, white flowers, subtle botrytis and a whiff of amontillado. Rich aged chenin, sweet but a fine acid backbone, apples, Asian pears and a quick shot of lemon Starburst. Finish was initially clipped, but with a half hour of air became long, lovely and expansive.

A great survivor. One more left

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Thanks for the TN, David. Sounds pretty much like I’d expect it to show. Maybe even somewhat better. Lucky you got one morE left, lucky you.