Snowed in in PDX

Yesterday we got 6-12 inches here in PDX, which the city is not at all prepared to deal with. Luckily I’d made a big pot of Cambodian soup on the weekend; had the leftovers for lunch. Dinner time rolled around, and I felt like an antipasto salad. I had most of the ingredients (romaine, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, purple onions, olives, artichokes) but had to settle for some extra sharp Tillamook as the cheese.

Popped down to the cellar and came up with a 2017 Herdade de Esporao ‘Private Selection’ Branco. Had the acidity to stand up to the vinegar and the richness to stand up to the artichokes and the cheese. Tremendous length on the finish, strong notes of lemon supported by the nuttiness that richer whites often show with a little age. Fantastic value at the $27 I paid.

Melissa said it wasn’t so great without the food — but I’m loving the remnants, just sitting on the couch, listening to Beth Hart/Joe Bonamassa “Seesaw.”


I was in town on business. Got stuck on the 26 in my rental car for 7 hours… Miraculously got off and was able to make my way over Skyline Ave and around the zoo and down into downtown… without chains! Quite an adventure.

Crazy weather in SoCal and flights were spotty getting back. So making the drive. Overnighting in Mt Shasta but iffy about getting out in the morning (big snowstorm here), but it was good to be moving.

The food and wine sounds awesome - cheers!

We were planning to leave Healdsburg this morning but have delayed until tomorrow weather permitting. We have an overnight at the Benson tomorrow night. Anywhere good for dinner nearby?

Healdsburg is not a bad spot to be stranded, had a nice dinner at Troubadour last night and a tasting at Ridge a couple of days

Last Night’s wine:


2019 Peay Vineyards Syrah La Bruma - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (2/24/2023)
Clear medium red. Tight at first, popped and poured. Black fruit, roasted meats and spice. After an hour or so the nose begins to show some beef broth. Dry savoury and black fruit flavours and a long dry tannic finish.

Should improve for a decade or so. (91 points)

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I’m over here in Banks, so not far from PDX - snowed in here too, but well prepared :slight_smile: sure is beautiful here today, with the snow and now the sun out - simply spectacular.

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Speaking of Peay, Cloverdale CA this morning.


What, there isn’t some supercool airport code you could use instead of the name of the city?



Cloverdale is supposed to be the northernmost place where you can grow oranges. This weather has to be putting that to the test.

Wow!!! You’re lucky you were able to get off of 26 and I can’t imagine pulling it off without chains!

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Oscar Six Zero or O60

It was one of the craziest experiences of my life. The Sylvan exit was packed and I almost talked myself out of it and stayed on the 26 thinking they’d get it open, but I hadn’t eaten or had water since lunch and I was desperate. I refreshed at the gas station and drove around a little on a side street and got my bearings, then planned and executed the white knuckle ride into town.


I’ve flown in there a few times.

On PDX - flying in on Friday. Really hope I don’t get stuck