Smoked ribs with Bordeaux

Those are some mean looking ribs! Pork spare-ribs or smaller beef ribs?

Beef ribs are awfull beefy but really fatty, definitely have to steam first to help render off a ton of fat. It’s the best I can do at home though due to the whole Kosher thing.

I like what you had instead though…

Serge, Great night last night ! I am still full this morning!

For me, the rib’s were fantastic , 6 1/2 hours in the smoker really produced a great dinner.

As for the wines. MY WOTN was the 75 Montrose. Not a blockbuster, but a solid , well done, mature Bordeaux. a good value for the money.

I am more enthusiastic about the Clerc, then Serge. Here is my tasting note from CT on it from last night.
1989 Clerc Milon - I was am more enthusiastic about this wine then Serge. I think it is a classic mid level Bordeaux. Remember, this is a fifth growth. Expectations should be for a wine whose tannin’s are tightly integrated and a wine in its prime drinking form. Mid palate is its best asset , finish is not terribly long. A Mouton it is not, but I think this is an excellent wine. I think the bbq ribs overpowered this wine, it the spice of the rub and bbq sauce created a little contention. Overall, I am very happy with this wine within its price point considerations.

I think the desert via the homemade Cuban cake needs mention it paired very well with the 2003 Château Rieussec.

Eric, Those a large BABY BACK ribs, not spare ribs (st louis. style etc).

I am looking forward to leftovers tonight :slight_smile:

Wow, seriously big pig then. I was wondering about the BBQ sauce thing. Still, for food like that, what the heck. Not every food/wine match in life cab be perfect.


My impression of London is that it is cold, very cold right now. There you go.

I want to here about your CT offline with the London boys… the title should be “Eric Make’s it Out of London, alive”. LOL !!!

Not at The Ledbury [truce.gif]

Looking great Serge, please send an invitation soon. [welldone.gif]


Yes, well that’s in a few hours. It remains to be seen if I make it out alive.

As for the Ledbury, I will be there (Friday and Saturday no less). The Friday event should be highly worthy of notes.

Thanks Serge,

When Eami is no longer here we will come, 100%

Please bring Mike W. Gabi and Alan ( and “my favorite” ) you are welcome anytime.

Madonna you posted the photos pileon [truce.gif]