Smoked/grilled hanger steaks


NSFW! [snort.gif]

You’re right; it IS meat porn.


Tasty goodness!

So Bruce,

How did you do these?


Paul–First I smoked/cooked them on indirect heat until the internal temperature was close to what I wanted. Then I turned on the burners under the hanger steaks to get a quick sear on both sides. Very, very easy and they still turned out medium-rare inside. The smokiness gives a slight bacony quality to the steaks.


what kind of wood?

The dead kind.

I keep coming back to hickory chips.


Looks like a sauce or seasoning too? Bruce

it’s the wood that makes it good.

The meat market guy recommended the Lindberg Snider Porterhouse Seasoning, so I sprinkled it on both sides about 30 minutes before cooking.


We had the good fortune of being at Bruce’s place when these came off the grill and they were gorgeous. Even the vegetarians in the group were staring at them with envy . . .