Small Winery Business Software

I wasn’t sure where to put this query, but this seemed more appropriate as a business question vs. wine question.

What software is best for small start-up winery that would like to have inventory control, on-line sales (eventually), and track business expenses, customer database, etc…

I have friends in other types of small business that recommend QuickBooks, just wondering what folks here use and recommend, particularly something that might be tuned to fit the winery business.

Thanks in advance!

Probably a POS system that hooks to QuickBooks. Look for a POS that does what you want for customer tracking and inventory. Online sales are generally thru other interfacing s/w that runs the store.
Best idea is probably to check with others in your area and see what they like and don’t like about what they’re using.

Thank Bob. Yeah, I talked with QuickBooks and it sounds like their best option for now is using another party’s POS software to link back. We’re still a ways away from needing either, so I’ll keep asking and researching what local folks are using.

Chris, QuickBooks makes more than one version of its accounting software. At the very least you will probably need QuickBooks Pro. QuickBooks Enterprise is probably too much and you sacrifice some future integration possibilities if you use QuickBooks Online.

Since you are thinking about the future, you might want to check out this company and possibly even talk to Dan or Larry. The wine business is their largest vertical. They have some powerful tools that you will likely need at some point. Integrating with QuickBooks is what they do.

I do not work for them nor do I receive remuneration for referring anyone to them. I do have some experience in helping another wine related business vet software for integration with QuickBooks Pro. Now Commerce quickly rose to the top of the list because of the modules they offer.

We use OrderPort and love it. Built for the wine business, unlike QB. ( but it has a QB connector so you can upload info to QB seamlessly, if you need that for reporting and drilling down). It will handle all - Tasting Room, back office, web traffic. you can even ring up an order from your phone or iPad while at an event.