Small, economical wine fridge recommendation

Hi all, I’m on the hunt for a small wine fridge (<60 bottle capacity) that will primarily be used for the short-term storage of ready-to-drink wines for the table (with most serious cellaring being done in an off-site location). I’m searching for something a little better than your average bargain-bin unit in terms of quality but not quite as pricy as the $2,000 Eurocave La Premiere S. Noise is a concern as it will be in a small apartment. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I have a couple whirlpool units that have held up well.

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Checkout the options on the Beverage Factory website. They run sales frequently.

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If you have a IKEA near you, I recently purchased the IKEA Numrerad unit, and have been very pleased with it. Very few units at this price point have anything close to a good warranty, but this one has a 5-year compressor warranty which gave me some peace of mind about it. Only caveat would be that shelving is a bit tight, fits Bordeaux bottles well and the lower shelves fit Rhône and burgundy bottles fine, but I would probably avoid if you want to throw a ton of champagne in there.

I second this! I bought an Allavino FlexCount series one (56-bottle capacity with single zone temperature) back in 2021 from I like that the exhaust vent comes out from the front (not the back, which is common for a lot of the more bargain-prized models out there). Still very happy with my purchase 3 years later!

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I bought a 34 bottle Rovsun unit for just over $200 six years ago. Only expected to get a couple of years use, but it’s still going strong. I am debating getting a couple more instead of going with a larger unit, since it it is only 60 lbs and very easy to move.

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I bought on of these for my office file room. Suits my need for a small, quiet, freestanding reefer.

Kalamra KRC-52SZF 4.2 Cu.ft 50 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator with S/S Door and Handle, Black


How many bottles does this one actually fit?

Does that fit champagne?

I store two dozen bottles of Champagne in it. At all times. Double stacking in some instances and alternating bottle orientation.

Looks like these are 45% off currently.

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We have this same refrigerator. We purchased ours in 2017 for our Sonoma tasting room and then moved it when we built the new location in Napa. It is very durable (opened and closed frequently and holds temperature well). We do not store reds in it, only use it for whites and rose’ to keep pouring samples chilled. I really like the wood curved shelves as labels don’t get scratched. It would be a buy again for us. 7 years ago we paid $850 (+tax; shipping included) during a sale. I see they have it today for $936, so a good deal.

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Just note that all the cheaper units are not serviceable typically…like a Eurocave is that can be serviced by most any hvac or refrigerant guy. Once they stop cooling the only option is the trash can.

Recently purchased 2 of them and they have been great so far. Like, most economical wine coolers, you definitely cannot fit the advertised bottle capacity though.

I got pretty close, but yes, that’s an issue. It’s not very good for storing Champagne or other oversized bottles.

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