Slow initial page load - tons of javascript

Oftentimes the initial page load of this site is very slow (like, nearly 1 minute), so I thought I’d have a look at devtools to see what it’s doing during all this time - turns out, it’s downloading a ton of javascript:

I don’t know if this can be optimized in some way, but one thing @ToddFrench might want to consider is enabling a CDN? Cloudflare (for example) has a free product, and also some pretty low cost plans. Others too, I am sure, Cloudflare just happens to be the one with which I am most familiar (as a customer).

Just a thoght!

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The whole interface is javascript based, that’s why it has live updates of posts. I’ll check with the server host tech to see if there’s an option to speed it up, but I’m not hearing from many/any others about this, and not experiencing it myself

right, understood, I am not suggesting the content isn’t appropriate, just seems it could be optimized (via a CDN, for example)

That’s not what that means. Typically when you see a bunch of files taking a similar amount of time to load, it’s another call that’s blocking the loading for that period. Typically this is a third party library like ad servers or something, but one would have to do more digging. But the 30 second thing is telling because many servers have a 30 second timeout.

So it could be a request that’s blocked due to a blacklist that hangs the entire site for 30s until it times out and let’s the rest of the site load. Might be an ISP blockage or firewall on the request side. Either way, it’s likely an individual user issue, not a site problem.

Definitely not an issue for the general users. We would have heard about it.

The longest I’ve seen initialization take is 3 seconds max. Page will display 3 big red dots.

you get three red dots because you are exclusively on android - we desktop interface users get a variety of colors for our viewing pleasure