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It’s great to see everyone on the Six Cloves BD15 thread. Welcome back to our Wine Berserkers community! :wave:

I’m thrilled to be a part of BerserkerDay again this year, and it couldn’t have happened without your support for small producers like myself. I’ve worked hard this year to come up with a broad range of offers for you all to enjoy Six Cloves Wines. If you know Six Cloves and what you want to purchase this year, please check out the offers. I’ve also included my three new wines from the exciting 2022 vintage! (Check out the 2022 vintage wine reviews by our fellow Berserkers here.)

If you are not familiar with Six Cloves, let me introduce you! I am Sonoe (read my bio on the Wine Write by Randy Smith). I started the brand with the 2017 vintage, and my wines have been exclusively available in Japan at select boutique wine shops and fine dining establishments. Despite being in the market for a while, I have kept my production scale small and still don’t have distributors in the US. The only way to purchase Six Cloves is through BerserkerDay, in Bay Area, through a limited number of restaurants and wine shops in the Bay Area, directly from me.

Born into a family of sake, soy sauce, and miso makers, I traveled across the globe in search of climbing the corporate ladder. However, during my time in New York City while pursuing a career in accounting, I discovered my passion for wine and its culture. This newfound love eventually led me to switch my career and become a winemaker. I realized that I had to return to my roots, heritage, and family to pursue this career. I applied to a winemaking program, moved to California, and spent four years studying winemaking in the small town of Davis. Since then, I have been fortunate to learn from many great winemakers and growers from around the world, including Ted Lemon of Littorai, Steve Matthiasson in Napa, Hiro Kusuda in New Zealand, and Andre Ostertag from Alsace.

My journey shows that it’s never too late to start anew and follow your passion!!

Take a look at CellarTracker’s wine reviews below to see how other Berserkers like Six Cloves!

CellarTracker Reviews



Offer 1: Six Cloves 3-Pack Sampler ($130, 27% Discount) + Free Shipping

I have put together a set of three wine bottles for you to try. They are made from grapes grown by three great organic growers. The first bottle is a 2020 Linda Vista Chardonnay, Oak Knoll, Napa, made by Steve Matthiasson. The 2021 Alder Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir from Stuart Bewely’s Mendocino vineyard is made from a unique French clone 459. This vineyard is located in an isolated area with a high elevation between 1700 and 2700 feet. Pinot Noir was aged in neutral barrels and has a complex flavor with lacy acidity, silky tannins, and an elegant finish. The last bottle is a Castanon Vineyard Zinfandel from Redwood Valley in Mendocino. It is a recent addition to the Six Cloves growers list from 2022. This Zinfandel was fermented with a bit of whole cluster inclusion and aged in French barrels (20% new). It pairs well with hearty dishes and has an elegant yet casual taste.

This offer includes one bottle of each of:

  • 2020 Linda Vista Chardonnay
  • 2021 Alder Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • 2022 Castanon Vineyard Zinfandel

Regular Price: $179 ($134 + $45 shipping)
BerserkerDay Price: $130 with Free Shipping (27% Discount)

Click Here to Order Now

Offer 2: Six Cloves Chardonnay 4-Pack Mini-Vertical ($165, 25% Discount) + Free Shipping

I am offering the BD14 favorite Chardonnay mini vertical once again this year. The pack consists of 2 bottles of Chardonnay, each from two great growers. The first bottle is Linda Vista Chardonnay, and the second is from Alder Springs Vineyard in Mendocino County. The grapes from Alder Springs Vineyard have a distinct restrained cool climate characters compared to Linda Vista’s valley-floor grapes from Napa. The wine is a blend of clones 76 and 95, aged in French and Hungarian barrels. To retain its fresh acidity, it went through partial malolactic fermentation. This Chardonnay has a nose of white peach and orange peel, is balanced across the palate, and has a clean finish.

This offer includes two bottles of each of:

  • 2020 Linda Vista Chardonnay
  • 2021 Alder Springs Vineyard Chardonnay

ONLY 8 SETS LEFT, first come, first served.

Price: $217 ($172 + $45 shipping)
BerserkerDay Price: $165 with Free Shipping (24% Discount)

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Offer 3: Six Cloves 4-Pack Elegant Red Duo ($140, 37% Discount) + Free Shipping


I have a 4-bottle pack with a discount that includes two wines. The first item is Magnolia Red Blend, made from 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot from cool-climate AVA of Los Carneros. It was released in 2020 and has been very popular with Six Cloves wine lovers and wine critics. It has aged well and is finally ready for sale. However, the export inventory is low, so I am offering an exclusive discount to Berserkers before it runs out.The other is Castanon Vineyard Zinfandel, a casual and fresh wine made from 20-year-old organic vines in Redwood Valley, Mendocino.

Regular Price: $219 ($174 + $45 shipping)
BerserkerDay Price: $140 with Free Shipping (37% Discount)

This offer includes two bottles of each of:

  • 2019 Magnolia Bordeaux Red Blend
  • 2022 Castanon Vineyard Zinfandel

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Offer 4: Six Cloves 6-Pack Sampler ($230, 30% Discount) + Free Shipping

BD15 Preview Day’s most popular 6-pack sampler is back with new vintage wines! This set is packed with all the goodness of great wine grape producers of Northern California. You can try great Linda Vista Chardonnays of Oak Knoll, Stuart’s Alder Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, and Zinfandel from Castanon Vineyard from Redwood Valley, both from Mendocino. The last bottle is Magnolia Red Blend. Wine professionals and critics alike have praised this cold climate Bordeaux Blend for its complex characteristics resembling old Bordeaux.

This offer includes one bottle of each of:

  • 2020 Linda Vista Chardonnay
  • 2021 Alder Springs Vineyard Chardonnay
  • 2022 Linda Vista Chardonnay
  • 2019 Magnolia Red Blend
  • 2021 Alder Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • 2022 Castanon Vineyard Zinfandel

Regular Price: $271 ($191 + $45 shipping)
BerserkerDay Price: $230 with Free Shipping (30% Discount!)

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Offer 5: Six Cloves 6-Pack French Wine Lovers Set ($240, 30% Discount) +Free Shipping

This 6-Pack French Wine Lovers Pack includes two bottles each of three wines that are loved by Six Cloves supporters for their refined wine styles. First up is the Magnolia Red Blend, made from 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot from cool-climate AVA of Los Carneros.The Alder Springs Vineyard’s Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have distinct flavors and darker tones due to their unique rugged site. Both exhibit finesse and depth in their aroma and texture, along with a subtle yet long finish that will surely please any French wine lover.

  • 2021 Alder Springs Chardonnay
  • 2021 Alder Springs Pinot Noir
  • 2019 Magnolia Red Blend

Regular Price: $342 ($286 + $56 shipping)
BerserkerDay Price: $230 with Free Shipping (33% Discount)

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Are You Looking for Something Else to Try? :wine_glass:

– In addition to the above offers, I have some more great offers set aside for only BerserkerDay; please check the link below for more options to choose from to enjoy Six Cloves!

Check More BD15 Special Offers Now

Bonus Offer

How awesome is BerserkerDay?! There are tons of cool offers to choose from. To add to the madness, I will choose 4 RANDOM BERSERKERS to receive A SPECIAL UPGRADE TO YOUR ORDER again this year!! All you have to do is PLACE AN ORDER AND COMMENT ON THIS THREAD!


I can ship to 47 states with free shipping! AK and HI with additional shipping charges.
Unfortunately, I CANNOT SHIP TO UT.
If you wish to place an order from AK or HI, please inquire via email at shirabayashi@sixcloveswines.com or on the thread. I’ll make every effort to accommodate you!

  • All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground or GSO/GLS Ground.
  • Shipping will start around mid-February and last through the month of March, weather permitting. I will provide shipping updates as the shipping dates are approaching on this thread.

Unfortunately, shipping costs have increased once again about 6% or more for all couriers this year. Despite this, I have tried to maintain similar levels of discounts on our offers, as with other BD participating wineries. Please note that in order to save on costs, Six Cloves’ shipments will be sent uninsured unless you request to insure at cost.
If you have any special shipping requests, please leave a note on your order so that we can safely accommodate your needs. I’ll do my best to help!
Please feel free to contact me at shirabayashi@sixcloveswines.com for any questions you may have in the meantime.

About Six Cloves Wines

2018 Chardonnay, Linda Vista Vineyards, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley (13.3% abv)
This Chardonnay is certified organic and was carefully cultivated by Steve Matthiasson, a highly respected viticulturist in Napa. It was fermented and aged in French and Hungarian barrels for 10 months with 25% new French oak. The wine has a distinctive high acidity and bursts with citrus fruit flavors from the Olmo clone, which is grown in a cool climate site located on the western side of the Oak Knoll district. (Purely Domestic Wine Report: 93+ Points)

2019 Chardonnay, Linda Vista Vineyards, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley (13.2% abv)
This is the second vintage of wine from Linda Vista Vineyard. It was fermented and aged for 8 months in French and Hungarian barrels using the sur lie method. The wine has an amazing flavor profile of lightly toasted nuts, Granny Smith apples, and young citrus. It finishes with the high-toned acidity characteristic of the Olmo Chardonnay clone. (CT: 91.4)

2019 Magnolia Red Blend (Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon: 50/50), Los Carneros, Sonoma (13.3% abv)
A blend of Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon grown organically in the cold climate of Carneros in Sonoma by my Davis classmates Shaunt & Diego, the owners of Les Lunes Wine, and aged in neutral barrels for 9 months, unfined and unfiltered. The wine has a pleasant acidity and smooth tannins, with red berries, cinnamon, clove notes, and a hint of bell pepper. It tastes fantastic now. (CT: 90.1)

2020 Chardonnay, Linda Vista Vineyards, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley (13.1% abv)
CCOF-certified Chardonnay grown by the renowned Steve Matthiasson from Napa Valley. The third vintage of Linda Vista Chardonnay expresses itself magnificently in this year’s harvest. The grapes were picked in perfect condition, fully articulating the site and clone’s potential. This Chardonnay has characters of fresh herbs and toasted hazelnut with Meyer lemon and pineapple notes, offering a citrusy acidity that lingers in the mouth. (CT: 91.4)

2021 Chardonnay, Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County (13.0% abv)
Farmed by Stuart Bewley, a highly respected grower, in Laytonville, Mendocino County. The vineyard is located in an isolated area at a high altitude ranging between 1700 and 2400 feet, 150 miles away from San Francisco, and 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The vineyard has 40+ grape variety plantings of 140 acres in a 6,000-acre ranch. This blend of French clones 76 and 95 exhibits cool climate grape characteristics with hints of white flowers, tangerine zest, and Anjou pear. The wine also has notes of toasted marshmallow, Granny Smith apples, and fresh lime acidity. (CT: 91)

2021 Pinot Noir, Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County (13.2% abv)
This unique French clone 459 was farmed by Stuart Bewely, who has been growing outstanding grapes since 1993. Destemmed/whole cluster (50/50) fermented and aged separately in neutral barrels for 10 months before blending and bottling. This beautiful wine displays complex aromas of elegant French clone and coastal influence of cool climate and high elevation. It has a lacy acidity in the mid-palate, silky tannins, and savory mushroom notes in the finish. (CT: 91.8)

2022 Chardonnay, Linda Vista Vineyards, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley (13.5% abv)
Our fourth vintage of Linda Vista Chardonnay. This organically grown Chardonnay came in with more maturity than the previous year. We pressed them gently in whole clusters, barrel-fermented them in 20% new French oak with indigenous yeast, and aged them in barrels on the lees. Unlike other vintages, it was bottled with residual sugar (about 5 g/L). The finished wine has a well-balanced flavor with supple pink grapefruit acidity, a hint of guava character and a long finish (CT Review by our fellow Berserker, Brian Tuite & Noah Capurso Here).

2022 Pinot Noir, Buf-Wehr Ranch, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County (13.1% abv)
I sourced this first-ever Russian River Valley Pinot Noir of Six Cloves from Buf-Wehr Ranch, whose small backyard vineyard sits west of Windsor. This organically grown clone Pommard clone was fermented 50% destemmed and 50% whole cluster. It was aged in neutral barrels. The finished wine has a nice flavor of red fruits, notes of complex forest floor, mushroom, savory oregano and cinnamon and is followed by a long finish (CT Review by our fellow Berserkers, Brian Tuite Here)

2022 Zinfandel, Castanon Vineyards, Redwood Valley, Mendocino County (13.5% abv)
Six Cloves’ first Zinfandel came from Castanon Vineyards in Mendocino County. Jose and his wife farm Zinfandel and red varieties organically on 7.5 acres of land in Redwood Valley. Their Zinfandel grapes grew super healthy despite big summer heat waves. We fermented a small fraction with the whole cluster and aged it in 20% new French oak. The finished wine has a pleasant character of strawberries and red cherries, with hints of mocha and cloves and a nice medium acidity on the finish (CT Reviews by our fellow Berserkers Here)

Parting Thoughts

The name Six Cloves was inspired by the business name of the proprietor’s ancestors, who used to sell medicines in the coastal area of the Japan Sea. They later migrated to Northern Nagano and started making soy sauce and miso. The business logo of the ancestor’s business featured six cloves, hence the name. I chose this name as a way to honor their heritage and the tradition of fermentation businesses that have been thriving for centuries.

Making wine over a decade sounds reasonable enough, but I feel like I am still a baby. I'm still learning, hustling, and bustling to try to achieve my goals in wine. My winemaking philosophy has evolved from what I've learned and experienced – creating the most authentic wines must honor the history of the vineyards and the landscape. And, equally as important, it must reflect the people and the culture. Over the years, the Japanese culture and philosophy of my heritage have significantly influenced my stylistic choices. Just as great *sake* is created to be in harmony with great Japanese cuisine, all of Six Cloves' wines are created to be enjoyed with delicious food, not stand-alone, while expressing their finesse and subtlety.

I’m thrilled to share Six Cloves with the Wine Berserkers community once again! My goal for Six Cloves is to create a platform that promotes dialogue and unites people from different parts of the world!

Cheers & Kampai to you all :wine_glass:

Sonoe Hirabayashi
Six Cloves Wines
Owner/Winemaker/Taiko-Drummer :drum:

Just bought Offer #3 - so excited to try your wines!

In for offers 1&2 so psyched!!

Went in on Offer 1. First grabbed a pack last year, now I’m hooked.

Order in! Excited to try finally. I grabbed offer 1. Thank you!

Had to order again this year! Grabbed the vertical of Linda Vista after my entire family fell in love with it last order. Fantastic wines, thanks Sonoe!

Thank you for your purchase & I’m so excited for you to try out Six Cloves!!

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Don’t sleep on this Zinfandel. It’s special!

Thank you James for picking up two orders! The 2022 Linda Vista wine is still quite young and has a different style than usual due to a difficult growing season with a series of heatwaves. But, it’s a great way to discover the vintage differences. Alder Springs is very different from Linda Vista, with both white and red grapes having a darker undertone that is almost a hybrid of Oregon and West Sonoma Coast grapes. I hope you enjoy the deliciousness of my Chardonnays grown by fantastic growers!

Order in! Can’t wait for these.

This is the one I was looking for this morning. I ordered a No. 4 Six-Pack sampler and a “French Wine Lover’s Set” that I did not see on the offering. I am looking forward to trying these after reading so many positive Berserker comments!

I am grateful for all the support you gave me on Six Cloves! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the zinfandel produced in the 2022 vintage. That year, it was pretty challenging for me to source organic grapes. I visited around five different growers and finally found Castanon Vineyard. The forecast predicted significant rains; I ran out of time. However, I rented a giant Penske truck, and with the help of my winemaker friend, we hauled the grapes and managed to bring them in right before the rain started. It was a memorable vintage indeed. I will have the identical zinfandel for the 2023 vintage and Pinot from Windsor’s grower Chris (who happens to be your former retired realtor!).

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Welcome back Rich! I recently tasted the Linda Vista vertical in Japan, and they were still amazing. I hope you get to enjoy them again with new 2022 vintage this year!

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Order in. Enjoyed #2 last year trying #1

Thank you for the offer. My better half is named Linda and she’s Asian, so we get an extra delight out of drinnking these yummy wines.

Thank you for grabbing the vertical! I’ve been making minor adjustments to my winemaking techniques every year. The 2023 LVV Chardonnay is aging in barrels, and I’ve had the privilege of tasting it with a wine critic friend. It tasted amazing! I’m eagerly looking forward to offering another set of Linda Vista verticals next year!

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Welcome back, Chris! I am glad to inform you that I have saved the older Linda Vista vintage Chardonnay for the BerserkerDay. This might be the last vintage of 2018 and 2019 that I can sell on BD. I hope you can enjoy every bit of the greatness of this wine!

Grabbed the 6 pack sampler.

Very much looking forward to experiencing your wines, @Sonoe_Hirabayashi.

Thank you.

Thanks Mark or coming back again & grabbing a lot of wines!! I’m very happy that you secured the Linda Vista vertical this time! 2023 is coming together so nicely and I was blown away when I tasted from the barrel. It is going to be even better Linda Vista than 2020 that I love!

Thanks Brad for placing a big order & welcome! My Alder Springs Vineyard Pinot has been very popular among French wine drinkers both in Japan & the States & I am pleased to say that all there in the pack are super refined and elegant, and great food wines! Magnolia Red blend is tasting so well and has been raved by many wine professionals including former Single Thread’s somms (our locals in Healdsburg) told me that it drinks like an old Bourdeaux with it’s earthiness. They tasted it blindly and they loved it. Zin will be a bit young like other Berserkers reviewed.

Pre-Berserker Day Tastings of 3 Six Cloves Wines (Chard, Pinot, Zin)

Please set it aside and try, and let me know what you think!