Six Cloves Wines - Luxuriously Delicate California Wines By Japanese Woman Winemaker- BD14 Special Offers Up To 30% Off With Free Shipping

Six Cloves is influenced by respect for the land and a family history of sake, soy, and miso makers. We strive for excellence.

Welcome to the Six Cloves BD14 thread & welcome back to those who met last year on the BD13!! :wave:

I am very excited to be back on BerserkerDay. I have prepared a variety of offers for you to enjoy Six Cloves wines! If you are already familiar with Six Cloves, please jump down to the offers and check them out.

Hello! I am Sonoe (read my bio on the Wine Write by Randy Smith). I launched Six Cloves in 2017. Until last year, my wines were only available in Japan, at boutique wine shops and fine dining establishments. I was born and raised in Nagano, Japan by a family of sake, soy sauce & miso-makers who have been in the business for many generations. Before taking up winemaking, I was an accountant! Fortunately, I fell in love with wine and the culture and community of wine. I soon realized that pursuing a career in winemaking would be returning to my roots, my heritage, and my family. I applied to a winemaking program, headed west, and spent four years studying winemaking in the small town of Davis, California.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate to learn from many great winemakers and growers in the world, such as Ted Lemon of Littorai, Steve Matthiasson in Napa, Hiro Kusuda in New Zealand, Andre Ostertag, from Alsace – just to name a few.

Please take a look at the CellarTracker reviews to get a sense of how much fellow Berserkers are enjoying Six Cloves!
CellarTrucker Reviews

For BD14, I have 4 offers for your consideration.

Offer 1: Six Cloves 2019 Vintage Retrospective 3-Pack ($130-a 25 % discount)
I am dipping into my personal library to offer a 2019 vintage retrospective. This 3 bottle set of 2019 flew off the shelves like crazy on BerserkerDay13!

First up is the 2019 Linda Vista Chardonnay. Organically farmed by Steve Matthiasson, this Chardonnay represents the character of California with a nod to France, and offers much pleasure as it evolves in the glass. The 2019 Primitivo (Sonoma Valley) is somm’s favorite. It saw 2 weeks of 100% whole cluster fermentation, followed by partial malolactic fermentation in barrel. It has lots of umami; red and black fruits, cigar, and tobacco, very complex wine. The 2019 Magnolia Red Blend (Carneros, Sonoma county) is equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and shows the potential of cool climate Bordeaux blends. Pure flavors and low alcohol (13.3%).

This offer includes one bottle each of:

  • 2019 Linda Vista Vineyard Chardonnay (Cellar Tracker: 91.3 points)
  • 2019 Primitivo, Benguerel Family Vineyard (Cellar Tracker: 89 points)
  • 2019 Magnolia Red Blend (Cellar Trucker: 90.8 points)

Regular Price: $175 ($140 + $35 shipping)
BerserkerDay Price: $130 with Free Shipping (a 25% discount)

This offer is strictly limited to 5 3-packs; first come first served.

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Offer 2: Six Cloves 4-Pack Sampler ($159 - a 27% discount)
This 4-pack sampler gives you a sense of my style as a winemaker, and includes my first Pinot Noir from Alder Springs Vineyard in Mendocino County. This cool climate Pinot is 50% whole cluster, with the unique 459 clone (a super elegant French clone), assisting both the flavor profile and the ageability. Complex aromas of cedar box and rosemary, with flavors of black cassis. Silky tannins round out the finish like refined Burgundy Pinot. A true Six Cloves take on California Pinot Noir.

This offer includes one bottle each of:

  • 2020 Linda Vista Chardonnay (Free Run Juice: 93 Points)
  • 2021 Alder Springs Vineyard Chardonnay (Free Run Juice: 92 Points)
  • 2021 Alder Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir (Free Run Juice: 93 Points)
  • 2019 Magnolia Red Blend

Regular Price: $218 ($178 + $40 shipping)
BerserkerDay Price: $159 with Free Shipping (a 27%+ discount)

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Offer 3: Chardonnay 4-Pack Mini-Vertical ($153 - a 27% discount)-SOLD OUT
I really love my Chardonnays. This year, I am introducing a new version from Alder Springs Vineyard in Mendocino County. This isolated vineyard sits at a high elevation of between 1700 and 2700 feet. The wine is a blend of clones 76 and 95, and was aged in French and Hungarian barrels. In order to retain fresh acidity, it went through partial malolactic fermentation. With a beguiling nose of white peach and orange peel, it is balanced across the palate and has a clean finish. 13% abv; 98 cases.

This offer includes two bottles each of:

  • 2020 Linda Vista Chardonnay (CT: 91.8)
  • 2021 Alder Springs Vineyard Chardonnay (Free Run Juice: 92 pts)

Regular Price: $210 ($170 + $40 shipping)
BerserkerDay Price: $153 with Free Shipping (a 27%+ discount)

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Offer 4: Six Cloves Six-Pack Sampler ($225 - a 30% Discount)
This Six-Pack sampler offers the broadest perspective of my portfolio and includes three reds and three whites. One bottle each unless specified otherwise.

  • 2019 Linda Vista Chardonnay
  • 2020 Linda Vista Chardonnay
  • 2021 Alder Springs Chardonnay
  • 2021 Alder Springs Pinot Noir (2 bottles)
  • 2019 Magnolia Red Blend

Regular Price: $319 ($274 + $45 shipping)
BerserkerDay Price: $225 with Free Shipping (a 30% discount!)

The most popular item of BD14, limited numbers left in inventory

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Bonus Offer

BerserkerDay is so great, and there are so many cool offers. To add to the madness,I will choose 4 random Berserkers to receive a special upgrade. All you have to do is place an order AND comment on this thread!


  • I can ship to 47 states! Unfortunately. I cannot ship to AK, HI, and UT.
  • All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground or GSO/GLS Ground.
  • Shipping will start around mid-February and last through the month of March, weather permitting.
  • I will provide shipping updates on this thread, but please email me with any requests.

If you have any questions, please do contact me at

About Six Cloves Wines

2018 Chardonnay, Linda Vista Vineyards, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley -13.3 % Alc
This organically certified Chardonnay was carefully tendered by Steve Matthiasson, one of the most respected viticulturists in Napa. Fermented and aged in French and Hungarian barrels for 10 months with 25% french new oak. It has a distinctive high acidity with burst of citrus fruit characters of Olmo clone farmed in a cool climate site located in the west of Oak Knoll district. (Purely Domestic Wine Report: 93 + Points)

2019 Chardonnay, Linda Vista Vineyards, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley -13.2 % Alc
Second vintage from Linda Vista Vineyard. Fermented and aged in French and Hungarian barrels for 8 months with a sur lie method. It has notes of lightly-toasted nuts, Granny Smith apples, young citrus, and it finishes with high-toned acidity characteristic of the Olmo Chardonnay clone. (CT: 91.3)

2020 Chardonnay, Linda Vista Vineyards, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley -13.1 % Alc
CCOF certified Chardonnay grown by the renowned Steve Matthiasson from Napa Valley. The third vintage of Linda Vista Chardonnay expresses itself magnificently in this vintage. Its grapes were picked in perfect condition, fully articulating the site and clone’s potential. This Chardonnay has characters of fresh herbs and toasted hazelnut with Meyer lemon and pineapple notes offering a citrusy acid that lingers in the mouth. (CT: 91.8)

2021 Chardonnay, Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County -13.0 % Alc
Farmed by a highly respected grower, Stuart Bewely in Laytonville in Mendocino County. The vineyard sits in isolation at a high altitude of between 1700 and 2400 feet, 150 miles from San Francisco, and 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean, with 40 + grape variety planting of 140 areas in a 6,000-acre ranch. This French clone 76 and 95 blend exhibits characteristics of cool climate grapes layered with white flowers, tangerine zest, and anjou pear, with toasted marshmallow, granny smith apples, and fresh lime acidity. (Free Run Juice: 92) (CT Review by our fellow Berserker, Brian Tuite from Here).

2019 Magnolia Red Blend (Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon: 50/50), Los Carneros, Sonoma - 13.3 % Alc
A blend of Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon grown organically in a cold climate of Carneros in Sonoma by my Davis classmates Shaunt & Diego, the owners of Les Lunes Wine. Aged in neutral barrels for 9 months, unfined and unfiltered. The wine starts with red berries and a touch of cinnamon and clove notes, bell pepper, a round smooth tannin in texture with a pleasant acidity in the finish. (CT: 90.8)

2019 Primitivo, Benguerel Family Vineyards, Sonoma Valley, Sonoma - 15.2 % Alc
Organically farmed by a young Ross Canard, a paviour to the famed Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA. Whole cluster fermented and aged in neutral barrels for 9 months. The resulting wine has complex umami and red berries characters with well-balanced high acidity, unlike its counterpart of Zinfandel from California. (CT: 89)

2021 Pinot Noir, Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County -13.2 % Alc
This unique French clone of 459 was farmed by Stuart Bewely, who has been growing outstanding grapes since 1993. Destemmed/whole cluster (50/50) fermented and aged separately in neutral barrels for 10 months before blending and bottling. This beautiful wine exhibits characteristics of the elegant French clone and the coastal influence of a cool climate and a high elevation, with complex aromas and lacy acidity in mid-palate, finishing with silky tannin and savory mushroom characteristics. (Free Run Juice: 93) (CT Review by B Tuite from Here).

Parting Thoughts

The name Six Cloves was inspired by my ancestor’s business name with six cloves designed in their business logo. They once sold medicines in the coastal area of the Japan Sea. Later, they migrated to Northern Nagano and started making soy sauce and miso. I chose this name out of respect for my ancestors and to celebrate the heritage of fermentation businesses that have been continued for centuries.

Making wine over a decade sounds good enough, but I feel like I am still a baby. I’m still learning, hustling, and bustling to try to achieve my goals in wine. My winemaking philosophy has evolved from what I’ve learned and experienced – creating the most authentic wines must honor the history of the vineyards and the landscape. And, equally as important, must reflect the people and the culture. Over the years, the Japanese culture and philosophy, my heritage, have had a significant influence on my stylistic choices. Just as great sake is created to be in harmony with great Japanese cuisine. All of Six Cloves’ wines are created to be enjoyed with delicious food, not stand-alone while expressing their finesse and subtlety.

I’m so thrilled with this opportunity to share Six Cloves with the WineBerserker community! I hope you all enjoy Six Cloves as a medium, which can create conversations and connect people in the world!

Cheers to you all :cheers:

Sonoe Hirabayashi
Six Cloves Wines

The first order came in! Thanks, Jonathan & happy BD14!

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Heard great things about the chardonnay - excited to finally try them!


Thanks, Jonathan! Steve Matthaisson makes beautiful grapes & I’m very lucky to get a hold of his grapes!
'18 was sold out relatively quickly after it was served by the glass in Hilton Tokyo at their 7 restaurants. Japan Sommelier Association picked '19 Chardonnay for their seminar education and sold out last year. Lastly,'20 is my favorite and the most complete. And the best vintage so far!

Hope you enjoy all! :cheers:

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I bought a sampler pack last year, with the 2019 Magnolia and the 2020 Linda Vista Chardonnay, and I have loved both the wines. This my tasting note for the white:

“This is a special wine, ephemeral in the way that some German rieslings are. It is slightly hazy, moderately acidic, weightless, with a soft, pillowy character, a corresponding flavor that my daughter identified as marshmallow, and tropical fruit flavors – grapefruit initially and pineapple eventually. Easy to drink right away.”

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I have not tried these before however have recently been seeing the name pop up here and there on WB.

Looking forward go giving these a spin. Went in for a Six Cloves Six-Pack Sampler.

Best of luck with the rest of BD

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In for the chard. Excited to try.

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Got me some lovely Linda Vista Chardonnays coming!

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Welcome back, Timothy! They are tasting good more than ever! Cheers :raised_hands:

Grabbed a six pack sampler, excited to try these wines for the first time!


Thanks, Ruch!! Hope you enjoy Six Clove’s 6 Pack :laughing: Happy BD14!!

Amazing vineyard sources for your wines, I’m excited to try them!

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Thank you, Alex! I saw your order coming in!! I hope you enjoy all the goodness of Linda Vista Chard!

This looks right up my alley, look forward to trying.

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Welcome back Charlie & thank you for being a big supporter of Six Cloves :raised_hands:


Do I need to be logged in to check out? I added a sampler to the cart, but can’t find the check out button.

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Did you find the checkout cart? Please pm me on the site or email me & I can help you!

Thanks, @Mark_E ! I’m very happy that you are on board with Six Cloves! Hope you enjoy my wines. Cheers & happy BD14!!

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I did! I added the offer to the cart again, and this time it showed. Order in. I may still PM you for pickup options.

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Missed out on these last year, and so I’m very excited to try the Chardonnay this time around. Thanks for the offer!

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