Site question for Todd

What’s causing the single word links that are added when we make posts?

Example: The word WINE get transformed into a link for a random web page. Cigars, Sur La Table etc…

In the “Things I Think I Think” thread each time “wine” is typed it is linked.
But the poster did not add it, the software did.
This has been showing up for a while now but today was the first day I clicked the link to see what was going on. I this intentional or just a bb software nuisance? Will it go away with the relaunch? The BOTY wants answers! [wink.gif]

I put this in Wine Talk because that’s where I see it happen most.

How could I have glossed over a thread with such a magnetic title? [stirthepothal.gif]

Thanks Neal. Todd, they’re baaaack.

So is the amazon “winner” page.