Sippin' Tequila Recs

Been buying all the Fortaleza I can find…starting to get that Pappy vibe where retailers are marking it up to $150-300.

Blanco? Reposado? Anejo? Something else I’m not familiar with? When I think about it, I don’t think I’ve seen any of it on the shelf in a while.

I should probably pick up some more Fortaleza but my taste in tequila is sorta basic bitch… I’ve had tears de llorna, tequila ocho, etc recently and my fav is still Clase azul….

All of it. Still Strength and Winter Blends are non-existent.

Blanco would be good its got a bit more body than Repo…Clase Azul has so much additions to make it smooth, that I get its an easy sipper. Might enjoy Anejo too.

Tears is killer, have you tried Rey Sol?


Fortaleza anejo, which has been recommended here is good.

I really like El Tesoro Paradiso too.

I also do like 1942.

I picked up a few bottles when we were in Chicago last summer. We can’t get it in OH. I did get a bottle of the Still Strength, but we haven’t opened it yet. The other bottles were Blanco, which I prefer.

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I want to try and make a Sangrita to sip alongside. Have a few recipes to try out. Don’t have anything fancy on the tequila side but may keep my eyes open for some Fortaleza based on the reds here

What’s the general consensus on Casa Dragones?

I’m a Repasdo fan. Casa Noble & Partida are my 2 favorites

Additives + diffuser, but in nice packaging and ‘expensive’ appeal. Same with Clase Azul (except you get a nice vase out of it)

Started an Agave thread as this has sorta gotten off topic to collect notes, suggestions, and thoughts.