Sippin' Tequila Recs

Would love some recommendations on a few tequilas to try. I have virtually no experience so looking for some things to try across the spectrum. I do have a bottle of Clase Azul Reposado which I like quite a bit (if a little sweet). Would love some recommendations in the $50-100 range, ideally available @

Thanks in advance!

No expert here, however, years ago while traveling back from Mexico i purchaeed a bottle of Clase Azul. Still have a few sips left! I loved it. … Oops, just caught your comment about having the reposado.

Here is a good list for you to identify your style and preference. Price ranges a bit lower and higher than you called out but it’s a great range of quality and palate preference.

Here are five in no order:
-la riserva familia
-cava Del Oro

strong recommendation

Cincoro Anejo

Michael Jordan, fancy bottle…expected it not to be great. spectacular. super complex and ridiculously smooth
smidge above your range but really tasty

The two brands I buy more frequently are Fortaleza and Pasote, mostly the blanco and reposado.


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Fortaleza anejo

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^^^ This…

… and this >>

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I found this blog post to be a good introduction to tequila:

Here’s a list of recommended brands from the post:

ArteNom 1414
El Tesoro
Siembra Azul
Siete Leguas
Tequila Ocho

I’ve tried - and enjoyed - various bottles from El Tesoro, Forteleza, Siete Leguas, and Tequila Ocho and they should all be within, or a little below, your price range.


Fortaleza Anejo
Tequila Ocho Anejo - really been liking this lately, very bright, floral, mineral
Siete Leguas Anejo/Reposado
Casa Dragones Blanco (though it’s not for purists, and it’s way over-pimped now)

Tapatio blanco to age myself - makes amazing barrel-aged tequila

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Thanks all, appreciate all the feedback. Picking up a Fortaleza to start with, then will work through a few of the others.

Really enjoying El Mayor Anejo for the price.

Fortaleza is the ‘traditional’ gold standard

Tapatio/Tesoro are solid values

G4/Pasote/Terralta/Ocho are all solid as well

Tequila is a bit like bourbon, roughly 10 times as many brands as producers although some of the better producers use different techniques for their various brands to produce signature differences.


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I know this is non-responsive but my answer is that you should drink Mezcal. For my money, good (even average) Mezcal blows virtually any tequila out of the water in terms of complexity and interest. Within the tequila category I enjoy Fortaleza and sometimes Casa Dragones Blanco.

Casa Noble or Partida. As previously mentioned Casa Azul

Don’t forget the blanco, which is a huge over-performer and is just as sippable as the others.

Definitely our favorite Tequila.

Also, check out the app tequila matchmaker. Amazing to see how many brands are created at the same distilleries. I think the only 2 tequila distilleries that are basically “Single Malt” (i.e. they only make one brand) are Siete Leguas and Patron. I think they both use a tahona, as well. Here’s an article about brands that use a tahona to crush their agave;

Full disclaimer, I am not a tequila expert, but was underwhelmed with a bottle of Qui Rare Extra Anejo 12 year old tequila a few weeks ago. Told my friend to save the rest of the bottle for others who would appreciate it more than me.

123 Diablito, Casa Dragones Joven, Cuervo’s Family Reserve Extra Anejo and for a bit less…Patron Estate release.

Herradura Ultra Añejo.

Smooth, and complex.

Have a friend who hates tequila, but likes this one.