Simplified Chinese Cuisine

I’ve always liked Kung Pao Chicken, but most restaurants use junk meat and sometimes the veggies are mushy. On the other hand, I don’t eat Broccoli Beef because it has Broccoli, but Carrie says some restaurants use lesser cuts of beef and overcook the Broccoli.

Carrie found Panda Express sauces on line and bought some to try. She uses diced chicken breast for the Kung Pao and New York steak for the Broccoli Beef. All veggies are fresh and crispy. She put some Broccoli Beef on my plate and I grudgingly tried it. Wow. I now eat Broccoli. Both have great flavor and the fresh crispy veggies add so much more flavor. We usually have fried rice or fried riced cauliflower for an accompaniment. (It also resulted in the purchase of two Woks so Carrie could take it to the next level.)

Thought I’d throw this out for anybody that likes Panda Express, Kung Pao Chicken and/or Broccoli Beef. A nice addition to the home menu.

I’d like to know how they get that meat on a toothpick so tender :slight_smile: