Silver Oak Napa 2010-2012 bottles SOLD


I’m in the Los Angeles area so I’d prefer doing a local sale since I’m relatively new on these forums in an effort to build some positive feedbacks. I do have a 20 year history on eBay with 100% positive and am PayPal verified (just as an FYI)

I’m the original owner of all these bottles (purchased at retail) and they’ve always been in my wine fridge.

2 - 2010 ($110 each)

9 - 2011 ($110 each)

2 - 2012 ($110 each)
Napa SO 12.jpg
Napa SO 11.jpg
Napa SO 10.jpg

Open to offers if these prices are too high

Bumped to reflect price changes

Offer sent

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They stay in the outbox until they are read.

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Offers responded to. Sorry it took a few days