Silvaner’s German Plantings Are Dropping—but Its Reputation Is Rising

Overall good article. I would have interviewed a few of the younger producers who are really excited and passionate about making Silvaner like Carsten Saalwächter, Peter Leipold and not so young but Stefan Vetter. These producers have really elevated the reputation of Silvaner amongst the somm crowd / wine buyer crowd. I am really digging Silvaner these days and glad it is finally getting some attention.

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I love Silvaner. Horst Sauer is the benchmark for me. I would love to know what other producers are making wines of that caliber, particularly if they’re imported to the US.

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I’ve never had a sylvaner I liked from outside of Franken but have had many I loved from there.

I like Sylvaner. My favorite is actually from Alsace (Dirler-Cade), but I have enjoyed exploring a few bottles here and there from Germany.

Most of my favorite silvaners were not mentioned in the article:

Peter Leipold* - emerging star, trained with Klaus Peter Keller

Keller - To me the benchmark.

Stefan Vetter - The single vineyards are truly profound with a little age. Expensive.

Paul Weltner - Via Fass selections one of the greatest values in the wine world.

Carsten Saalwächter* - Emerging producer that is making stunning wines.

*Disclaimer we have sold all of these through source material.

Also there is a big Silvaner Summit in Chicago in May, Sadly I will be in Franken. I will post a link.

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I have enjoyed the Weltner’s from Fass. The Lancers-type bottles were a PITA to ship.

I actually found some by Michael? Schafer in the PA State stores last year that wasn’t bad.

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Robert, thanks for posting. All are welcome at our first ever RieslingKenner Silvaner Summit. there will be a ton of wine included with the very affordable dinner. NY Times Wine Critic Eric Asimov will be leading one of our master class tastings in the afternoon. Should be great geeky wine day and evening for all.

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Love a good Sylvaner. Albert Seltz (Alsace) is the benchmark for me. All his wine is fantastic, though he is a mad man. Domaine Albert Seltz - Vigneron depuis 1576 (

Happy to see this grape getting more love.

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Picked up a couple on Berserker 15, I need to try soon.

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Thanks for the kind words, Robert! To answer your questions: I did reach out to a few of the younger producers, unfortunately they didn’t get back to me in time. And as the article was focused on Franken Silvaner, as oppose to German Silvaner I couldn’t include benchmarks (young and otherwise) such as Andreas Durst, Odinstal, Keller, Saalwächter etc. But no fear, there will be a follow up piece with tasting notes and a wider focus that digs deeper into skin fermentation, climate issues, and different shades/old clones in late summer (spent the weekend on some exciting tastings of exactly that!).


Weltner is excellent, as are Luckert and Rainer Sauer.

There are a number of excellent benchmark producers. Burgerspital, especially the Pfaffenberg, is a fine classic. I mentioned a few below (especially Weltner, Zehnthof Luckert and Rainer Sauer). May comes into the States. They are more taut than Horst Sauer, with a decidedly stony bent. Am Stein is another to watch, and will hopefully be Stateside soon. The younger crew Robert mentioned above (Leipold and Vetter). And then outside of Franken, I’m a big fan of Wagner-Stempel, Odinstal, Durst - to name a few :slight_smile:


Ah I see that makes sense. Of course I realize that I am in the .00001 of your readership who is really into Silvaner and knowledgeable about all of Germany so it was not a criticism just a personal observation. So happy the word is getting out on Silvaner. Thanks for so much for writing the article.

I will bet large sums of money 10-15 years from now we will look back and Peter Leipold and Carsten Saalwachter will have redefined silvaner.

Thanks again! And nice to see you here there is a lively passionate interest in German wines!

Don’t forget Carsten Saalwachter is all in on Silvaner and of all the young growers might just be the most passionate.

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I completely agree with you! In fact when I wrote the piece I had to toss 3x the word count of what was finally included. I’ve never been so excited about (nor started so early :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) on a piece as I am about the follow-up.

Silvaner is such a humble workhorse over here that I’m thrilled to see dedicated people like you driving the Silvaner revolution in the States!

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