Signed bottles: What do you have that's interesting?

The Parker signed bottles made me think of signed bottles in general. Clearly lots of folks have bottles signed by winemakers. Not what I am asking after. Perhaps it will be mostly industry folk who have bottles signed for them by non-wine industry glitterati.

We don’t get tons of famous people up in our weird little, off-the-beaten-path winery so not tons of opportunities to get an autograph but I do have a magnum (of 2007 no less!) signed by Mark Grace (former Cubs and Diamondbacks first baseman for the non-baseball inclined). Used to have a bottle signed by Tom Leykis (radio personality) but I think that got consumed awhile back.

What do y’all have in your cellar?

Only one kinda interesting one, a 2009 Gaja Barbaresco signed by Gaia Gaja

Somewhere I still have the empty kicking around…a signed bottle of 1998 Trevor Jones Shiraz. He signed it with the date, 9/12/01. He was supposed to fly to SF that morning but ended up stuck in Boston for a while.

Does a 1980 Romanee St. Vivant signed by M. Leroy Bize and A. d. Villaine count?

Shouldn’t be too hard to get a former nationally syndicated radio personality (“Shadow Stevens”) to sign a bottle or two for you.


I have the huge bottle - I think it’s a six liter - signed by all the people at the Pratts dinner who made charitable contributions to Jordan Whitehead’s favorite charity, involving a young girl in his neighborhood who died. I get lots of bottles signed by wine personalities and I toss them when I drink them. The six liter and a bottle signed by Alois Kracher are the only ones I’ve kept.

We all know Leo has the most interesting signed bottles…

1975 Mouton Rothschild signed by Andy Warhol

Think I have a Bob Cabral signed bottle stashed somewhere

I have a couple bottles of Caduceus that I got signed by Maynard James Keenan.

The only autographs I have that mean a lot to me are a football autographed by Colt McCoy, a photo autographed by Vince Young, and a burnt orange cap autographed by Major Applewhite. Mostly the McCoy and Applewhite ones, because we got those in person; VY sent us the signed photo in the mail, and I’ve never gotten to meet him.

FIFY [cheers.gif]


I have a few bottles of 2001 Neal Cab signed by Mark and Gove.

I have a bottle of Pegau Cuvee Laurence signed by Laurence.

I was going to do that, when I happened to look over at the framed wine labels on the Vinotemp door.

Some Grange signed by Max Schubert and John Duval

Does a bottle of '85 Pat Paulsen Vineyards cabernet signed by the man himself count?

I have a bottle of 2001 Opus One signed by both Mondavi and Rothschild! [dance-clap.gif]

What kind of citizen of China would you be if you didn’t have one [snort.gif]


I have an empty of 2002 Dom Perignon that was consumed in the locker room by the Washington Nationals last fall on the night they clinched their first Division title. I am going to try to get as many autographs on it as possible. Right now I have Gio Gonzalez and Ian Desmond.