Sign of the Apocalypse at Total Wine

(Apologies for the sideways thingy that I can’t figure out.)

I think I posted something similar - they’ve gone off the deep end with butter-flavored wines, to be sure

There’s a bottle actually called Butter at TW too.

I saw ‘Butter’ at Bottle Barn in Santa Rosa last week.

The “Butter” Chardonnay is very popular, at least around here. Cheap cougar bait. I imagine this is a competitor trying to get in on the same market sector. Them cougars could become endangered at this rate!

Just tonight was a rerun of the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer basted himself with butter, much to the frustration of Newman.
Phil Jones

So it’s like buttered Rombauer?

KBI will be all up in your shit pretty soon for those comments.